Jennifer Maag

6th Grade STEM Science Teacher
Wiley Coyotes Team
West Creek Middle School
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

My name is Jennifer Maag. I have a bachelor's degree in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. I have a master's degree in Teaching. I am originally from a very small town in Tennessee. I love birds (penguins and owls especially). I am an avid reader and I am addicted to zombie novels. I have three very large and very obnoxious dogs. I live with my dogs and my husband in Woodlawn, TN.


Classroom Expectations

1.  I expect students to be considerate of others.

2.  I expect students to listen and follow all directions.

3.  I expect students to be accountable for their choices.

4.  I expect students to have a positive attitude.

5.  I expect students to ask questions when they don't understand.

6.  I expect students to give their best effort every day.

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