Elizabeth Arsenault

6th Grade STEM Mathematics Teacher
Wiley Coyote Team
West Creek Middle School
E-mail: elizabeth.arsenault@cmcss.net
Phone: (931) 503-3288

About Me

This is going to be a great year at WCMS! It's my second year here since I've moved from Massachusetts. I attended Clark University in Worcester for my degree in both Math and Studio Art (I also do photography!) as well as my Master's in Education. I really love West Creek and our new sixth graders will too :) get ready for a fantastic year!

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posted 8/14/2017 5:38:00 AM


Classroom Expectations

1.  Be RESPECTFUL- to yourself, peers and all authority figures and their property.

2.  Be READY to learn!- bring all necessary materials to class (i.e pencil, notebook, etc) and be in your assign seat by the start of class.

3.  Be RESPONSIBLE- follow all class/school rules and procedures.

Multiplication Games
Google Classroom
Discovery Education
Khan Academy
Translating Expressions
Translating Expressions Quia
Evaluating Expressions
Evaluating Expressions 2
Like Terms
Combining Like Terms
Pirate Exponents
Arcade Exponents
Algebraic Reasoning
Data + Stats Practice
Measures of Center
Measures of Center Buzzmath