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Special Education

CMCSS is dedicated to ensuring that all students with special needs receive the best education possible. CMCSS also believes through communications many issues can be resolved. CMCSS meets with several diversity groups to better understand and to strengthen the sensitivity and understanding needed to have a high performing district.

Increasing special needs communications means several things to the district:

  • Develop a platform to give a voice to students who may not be able to speak for themselves
  • Seek to improve the educational experience of students with disabilities
  • Assist in narrowing the achievement gap
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment

CMCSS believes in educating all of its students no matter what the need may be. CMCSS believes in inclusive education and that it should have the same quality as any other educational program within the system. Inclusive education is based on the idea that every child is valued equally and deserves the same opportunities and experiences.

To ensure the success of our special needs students, it is important to have stakeholder feedback. If you have a question or concern about special needs in the district please contact:

Dr. Bryan Johnson,
Chief Academic Officer
(931) 920-7828

CMCSS Accomplishments in CMCSS special education:

Special education program descriptions sent to all schools for parents of children with special needs.
Power School notifications for parents to have access to student grades.
Developed a universal agenda for IEP Meetings.
Improved access to website for Special Education parents.
Increased communication with Special Education groups and providers.