Representative stakeholder groups meet with school administrators on a regular basis. The groups include:

Classified Representative Communications Group
District Liaison: Jeanine Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Cultural Diversity Communications Group
District Liaisons: Millard House, Director of Schools; Karen Pitts, Career Tech Education Coordinator; and Judy Springer, Lead School Counselor

English as a Second Language Communications Group
District Liaison: Dr. Mary Gist, Director of Middle Schools

Exceptional Children Communications Group
District Liaison: Taylia Griffith, Director of Special Populations

Military Communications Group
District Liaisons: COL (US Army Ret.) Michael Taliento and Millard House, Director of Schools

Parent Advisory Council
District Liaisons: Millard House, Director of Schools and Elise Shelton, Chief Communications Officer

Student Advisory Group
District Liaison: Dr. Jean Luna, Director of High Schools

Teachers Communications Groups
District Liaison: Dr. Sean Impeartrice, Chief Academic Officer

Committee members are selected based on recommendation by principals, administrators and community leaders and are named at the beginning of each school year. Please contact the District Liaison assigned to each committee for more information.