Master Document List

The Master Document List provides a directory of forms, policies, and procedures to promote efficiency and effectiveness regarding district operations.
Please select a link below to access documents pertaining to that department or area.

Business Affairs


BUD-A001Budget Policy (07/11/2005)


BUS-A001Community Use of School Facilities (05/28/2019)
BUS-A002Audit Policy (08/10/2004)
BUS-A003Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (05/28/2019)
BUS-A004Expense Reimbursements (04/20/2015)
BUS-A005School Support Organizations (04/17/2017)
BUS-A007Credit Card Processing Policy (11/12/2018)


GRT-A001Grants (04/20/2015)

Individual School Accounts

ISA-A001Student Activities Fund Management (08/10/2004)
ISA-A002Student Fund Raising (08/29/2016)

Inventory Control

INV-A001Inventories (08/29/2016)
INV-A002Surplus Property (08/12/2019)


PAY-A001Payday Schedules (04/08/2019)
PAY-A002Salary Deductions (10/26/2015)
PAY-A003Salary Deduction of Labor Union Dues (05/18/2015)
PAY-A004Method of Payment of Salaries to Employees (04/27/2015)


PUR-A001Purchasing (12/02/2019)
PUR-A002Sales Calls and Demonstrations (08/10/2004)
PUR-A003Procurement Card (11/12/2018)
PUR-A004Equipment Purchase (10/01/2018)


TXB-A001Textbook Distribution (09/14/2011)

Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

CHN-A001Child Nutrition (01/09/2017)
CHN-A002Free and Reduced Price Food Service (08/10/2004)



COM-A001Distribution of Information and Material (04/02/2018)
COM-A002Social Media Use Policy (12/12/2011)
COM-A004Public Records Request (06/26/2017)
COM-A005Copyright Policy (07/02/2018)

Director's Office

Continuous Improvement System

CIS-A001Quality/Continuous Improvement Policy (03/21/2016)

Senior Leadership Team

SLT-A004Charter School Policy (11/30/2021)


REC-A001Student Records Policy (09/15/2020)

Student Services

STS-A006Out of District Student Policy (12/20/2019)
STS-A001Student Code of Conduct Policy (04/02/2018)
STS-A002Student Attendance (10/15/2018)
STS-A003Homebound Instruction (10/15/2018)
STS-A005Change of Domicile (10/15/2018)
STS-A004Open Enrollment (08/19/2019)
STS-A007Sexual Harassment (Student) (06/24/2021)

Human Resources


BEN-A001Release of Private Health Information to CMCSS Attorney (01/14/2019)
BEN-A002Retiree Payment of Monthly Premiums (10/29/2007)
BEN-A003Retiree ACH Withdrawal of Monthly Premiums (07/07/2014)

Coordinated Student Health

CSH-A001Local School Wellness Policy (08/07/2017)
CSH-A002Student Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Use Policy (10/28/2019)


HEA-A001Communicable Diseases (08/27/2020)
HEA-A002Emergency First Aid Kit (07/01/2019)
HEA-A005Medication Storage (06/24/2021)
HEA-A006Medications Disposal (07/23/2018)
HEA-A007Emergency Medication Administration (07/23/2018)
HEA-A009Use of Automated External Defibrillators (02/21/2011)
HEA-A010Admission Requirements (08/02/2021)
HEA-A011Medication Administration (11/26/2018)
HEA-A012Emergency Anti-Seizure Medication Administration (06/10/2020)
HEA-A013Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) Guidelines (07/23/2018)
HEA-A014Buildings Under Heightened Risk for Infection (06/24/2021)

Human Resources

HUM-A001Employment Classifications (05/15/2017)
HUM-A003Personnel File (04/16/2021)
HUM-A004Employee and Non-contracted Employee Background Investigations (10/26/2020)
HUM-A005Health Examinations (02/25/2013)
HUM-A006Legal Leave(s) of Absence (08/28/2017)
HUM-A007Advance Pay (03/04/2019)
HUM-A008Hiring Administrators and Supervisors (01/07/2019)
HUM-A011Work Related Injuries/Illnesses (11/27/2017)
HUM-A012School System Safety (11/27/2017)
HUM-A013Staff Gifts and Solicitations (02/18/2019)
HUM-A014Holidays (10/18/2021)
HUM-A015Teaching Assignment (09/17/2018)
HUM-A016Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (08/10/2021)
HUM-A017Leave for Advance Educational Study (04/06/2021)
HUM-A018Certified Staff Orientation (01/07/2019)
HUM-A021Leave Due to Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies (04/12/2021)
HUM-A022Retirement of Employees (03/04/2013)
HUM-A023Professional Staff Probation and Tenure (06/14/2021)
HUM-A024Military Service Leave (04/06/2021)
HUM-A025Resignation of Instructional Personnel (04/07/2015)
HUM-A026Certification (03/04/2019)
HUM-A027Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans (10/22/2020)
HUM-A028Use of Tobacco Products and/or Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises (05/31/2016)
HUM-A029Sick Leave (08/18/2020)
HUM-A030Release of School Personnel or Students Due to Death of Employee or Student (04/08/2019)
HUM-A031Maternity Leave (08/12/2019)
HUM-A032Vacations (08/20/2021)
HUM-A033Other Leaves of Absence (01/13/2020)
HUM-A034School District Communication System Usage (11/26/2018)
HUM-A036Evaluation of Professional Staff (04/03/2014)
HUM-A037Personal Leave (08/16/2021)
HUM-A038Supervision of Students (02/08/2010)
HUM-A039Nepotism (04/12/2021)
HUM-A040Extra Duty (07/01/2017)
HUM-A041Staffing (06/08/2020)
HUM-A042Personal On Site Visits by Relatives and Friends (08/29/2005)
HUM-A043Testing, Training and Tuition Reimbursement (09/24/2018)
HUM-A044Evaluation of Classified Staff (07/08/2019)
HUM-A046Employee Compensation Plan (05/10/2021)
HUM-A047Sexual Harassment (09/08/2020)
HUM-A049Classified Staff At-Will Employment (07/18/2011)
HUM-A051Employee Grievance (07/01/2019)
HUM-A052Progressive Discipline (03/11/2019)
HUM-A053Adverse Blue Cross and Blue Shield Benefit Appeal (04/05/2021)
HUM-A054Funding of Contracted Staff by Outside Agencies (03/04/2013)
HUM-A055Registered Sex Offenders (06/17/2019)
HUM-A057Compensation for "Off the Clock Work" (02/21/2011)
HUM-A058Transfers (12/03/2021)
HUM-A059Employee Perquisites (07/13/2021)
HUM-A060Classified Employee Review Period (07/31/2017)
HUM-A061Bereavement Leave Policy (05/06/2019)
HUM-A062School Year Preparation Day Stipend (07/13/2021)
HUM-A063Employee Dress Code (07/01/2020)
HUM-A064Salary Changes Based on Education Level for Certified Teachers (10/31/2018)
HUM-A066Discipline Conference Policy (05/28/2015)
HUM-A067Annual Employee Training (11/26/2018)
HUM-A069Conflict of Interest (11/09/2015)
HUM-A070Classified Employee Compensation for Events and Travel Time Outside of Scheduled Work Hours (12/15/2014)
HUM-A071Certified Employee Relocation Incentive (07/31/2017)
HUM-A072Transporting Students with Personal Vehicle (12/11/2017)
HUM-A073Substitute Request to Transfer to Classified Position (11/15/2021)
HUM-A074Substitute Inactivation (05/10/2021)
HUM-A075Substitute Probationary Substitute Status and Review Period (01/27/2020)
HUM-A076Substitute Employment Policy (11/12/2018)
HUM-A077Salary Changes Based on Education Level for Administrators (11/26/2018)
HUM-A078Leave for Vendor Endorsement (04/24/2017)
HUM-A079Professional Leave to Serve (03/18/2019)
HUM-A080Reporting Arrests (05/09/2016)
HUM-A081Workplace Violence (05/09/2016)
HUM-A082Break Time to Express Breast Milk (07/18/2016)
HUM-A083Determining Administrator Salaries (05/24/2021)
HUM-A084Non-Discrimination (05/17/2021)
HUM-A085Overtime/Compensatory Time (07/08/2019)
HUM-A087Extra-Curricular Supplements (04/08/2019)
HUM-A086Employee Work Product Material (04/23/2018)
HUM-A088Legislative Leave for Elected Officials (11/03/2021)
HUM-A089Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome & Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS & HIV) (10/28/2019)
HUM-A090Non-FMLA Policy (03/16/2021)
HUM-A091Dismissal of Non-Tenured Teachers (02/24/2020)
HUM-A094COVID-19 Related Leave (09/13/2021)

On the Job Injury

OJI-A001OJI Injury Reporting Policy (03/11/2019)
OJI-A002Modified Duty (03/11/2019)

Onsite Medical

OSM-A001Provider/Patient Communication (04/22/2021)
OSM-A002PHI-HIPAA Policy (02/01/2018)

Risk Management

RSK-A001Employee Safety Policy (02/21/2011)
RSK-A002Employee Safety Training (01/22/2021)
RSK-A003Personal Protective Equipment Policy (05/14/2012)
RSK-A005Accident Investigation Policy (01/22/2021)
RSK-A007Medical Payments Policy (07/30/2018)
RSK-A006Modified Duty (01/29/2021)


SAF-A001Drug and Alcohol Testing (01/23/2017)
SAF-A002Safe School Choice (05/03/2021)
SAF-A003Weapon Free Schools (03/30/2015)
SAF-A004Drug and Alcohol Use by CMCSS Employees (10/22/2018)
SAF-A005CMCSS Volunteer Policy (02/02/2015)
SAF-A006School Lunchroom Visitation (08/18/2014)
SAF-A007Asbestos Management (10/21/2013)
SAF-A008School Emergency/Crisis After Action Report (10/21/2013)
SAF-A009School Searches of Student Cell Phones and/or Electronic Devices (03/30/2021)
SAF-A010Signing In and Out of CMCSS School Buildings (04/18/2016)
SAF-A011Radon Monitoring (09/05/2017)
SAF-A012CPR Policy (04/02/2018)
SAF-A013Review and Release of School Video Surveillance (09/16/2019)
SAF-A014Threat Assessment Teams (01/25/2021)

Instruction & Curriculum


INS-A001Emergency Information (01/17/2005)
INS-A002Field Trips and Excursions (10/10/2013)
INS-A003Flag Displays (12/15/2014)
INS-A004School Improvement Planning (04/04/2016)
INS-A005Interscholastic Athletics (02/11/2019)
INS-A006Career-Technical Education (07/23/2018)
INS-A007Career-Technical Work Experiences (11/06/2014)
INS-A008Teacher Effect Data/Value Added Policy (07/30/2018)
INS-A009Standardized Assessment Programs (11/23/2015)
INS-A010School Year (07/11/2005)
INS-A011Length of School Day (07/28/2014)
INS-A012Student Publications and Distribution of Literature (10/15/2018)
INS-A013Distribution and Care of Library Books and Other Materials and Equipment (09/17/2018)
INS-A014Lesson Plans (01/07/2013)
INS-A015Family Engagement (08/02/2021)
INS-A016Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (09/06/2016)
INS-A018School Libraries (04/19/2010)
INS-A020Assignment of Students to Classes (10/01/2012)
INS-A021Advanced Placement and Honors Programs (11/30/2021)
INS-A022Advanced Level Diploma Programs (12/03/2019)
INS-A023Grading System Policy (11/09/2020)
INS-A024Promotion and Retention (08/19/2019)
INS-A025Semester Examinations (10/01/2012)
INS-A026Graduation Requirements (02/02/2015)
INS-A027Graduation Participation (04/02/2018)
INS-A028Early Graduation (05/01/2018)
INS-A029Class Rankings (07/23/2018)
INS-A030Selection of Valedictorian (07/23/2018)
INS-A031Dual Enrollment (06/08/2015)
INS-A032Student Observations (05/02/2011)
INS-A033CMCSS Students Participating in Foreign Exchange Programs (06/13/2011)
INS-A037Special Transfer Request (09/11/2017)
INS-A040Supervision of Students (10/01/2012)
INS-A044Children and Youth in Transition (Homeless) (04/30/2012)
INS-A045Camps (04/30/2012)
INS-A046Internet Safety and Technology Education (03/24/2014)
INS-A047Outside Service Providers (11/07/2017)
INS-A048Special Education Placement (11/08/2010)
INS-A049Confidentiality for State Assessments (11/23/2015)
INS-A050Service Animal Policy (10/17/2016)
INS-A051Physical Intervention for Students Receiving Special Education Services (12/17/2019)
INS-A060Middle School Algebra I Examination Policy (06/13/2011)
INS-A061Curriculum Policy (06/27/2016)
INS-A063Release of Students to Persons Exhibiting Risky Behavior (02/01/2016)
INS-A064Restraint of Students Using Reasonable Force (12/17/2019)
INS-A065Safe Relocation of Students (09/17/2018)
INS-A067Section 504 Administrative Policy (10/28/2019)
INS-A070Ownership of Student Created Work (07/01/2014)
INS-A073Parent/Legal Guardian Review of Instructional Materials (03/02/2015)
INS-A075Suicide Prevention (04/05/2021)
INS-A076Kindergarten Entry (08/08/2016)
INS-A077Credit Recovery (11/07/2016)
INS-A078High School Volunteer Hours Recognition (11/07/2016)
INS-A079Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) Cadet Uniform Management and Debt Collection (08/07/2017)
INS-A080Students Residing on Ft. Campbell (09/25/2017)
INS-A083Student Discipline Policy (04/23/2018)
INS-A081Planning Time and Duty Free Lunch (07/01/2018)
INS-A084Release Time for Religious or Moral Instruction (09/08/2020)
INS-A085Reporting Suspected Child Abuse (07/29/2019)
INS-A086Accommodating Department of Children's Services Investigations (05/30/2017)
INS-A087Chronic Health Policy (10/20/2020)
INS-A088Life-Threatening Allergy Policy (03/01/2021)
INS-A089Dual Enrollment Compensation Policy (05/17/2021)
INS-A090Teacher Residency Policy (09/07/2021)

Professional Development

PRD-A002Induction for Newly Hired Teachers (04/17/2017)



FAC-A001Architect Fee Schedule (04/13/2015)
FAC-A002Architect Payment Schedule (03/12/2004)
FAC-A003Construction Project Insurance Program (04/13/2015)
FAC-A004Facilities Planning (04/13/2015)
FAC-A005Building Plaques (05/19/2009)
FAC-A006Naming of Facilities (03/02/2015)


MNT-A001Testing of Fire Alarm Systems (03/25/2013)
MNT-A002Control of Great Grand Master Keys (09/23/2019)
MNT-A003Working in Restrooms/Locker Rooms During School Hours (01/28/2019)


OPS-A001Hiring and Maintaining of Commercial Drivers (08/16/2021)
OPS-A003Temperature Set-Point (04/04/2016)
OPS-A004Weather Related School Activities (03/28/2011)
OPS-A006Use of Portable Digital/Electronic Devices While Operating CMCSS Vehicles (11/27/2017)
OPS-A008Key Control (08/29/2016)
OPS-A009Memorials on CMCSS Property (09/23/2019)
OPS-A010Herbicides Policy (11/09/2015)
OPS-A01112-15 Passenger Vans (04/25/2016)
OPS-A012Uniform Policy (06/13/2016)
OPS-A013Public Access to Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Practice Fields, and Other Green Spaces (07/18/2016)
OPS-A014Energy Management (11/14/2016)
OPS-A015School Emergency Radio Use Policy (12/05/2016)
OPS-A016Storage of Commercial Drivers Safety Sensitive Files (05/30/2017)
OPS-A018Lead Prevention Policy (04/15/2019)
OPS-A019Custodial Hours During Non-Student Days (04/29/2019)
OPS-A002Custodial Fire & Safety Building Checks (09/23/2019)


TRN-A001Student Transportation Safety (10/01/2019)
TRN-A002Use of School System Owned Vehicles Other Than School Buses (06/03/2021)
TRN-A003Student Transportation (10/05/2020)
TRN-A004School Bus Driver and Aide Compensation (10/01/2019)
TRN-A005Bus Driver and Aide Comp for Extra-Curricular Transportation (10/01/2019)
TRN-A006Substitute School Bus Driver Pay (02/10/2020)
TRN-A007Video Surveillance of School Buses (08/05/2019)
TRN-A008Student Vandalism of School Buses (03/30/2015)
TRN-A009School System Owned Vehicles (09/19/2007)
TRN-A010School Bus Maintenance (03/30/2015)
TRN-A011School Bus Inspection (09/19/2007)
TRN-A012Radio Guidelines (03/23/2009)
TRN-A013Transportation Services Billing Rates (10/06/2017)
TRN-A014Use of School System Owned Vehicles Other Than School Buses by Authorized Non-CMCSS Employee-(Non-Employee) (10/01/2019)
TRN-A016Extra Curricular Activities Transportation (08/10/2009)
TRN-A017CMCSS DOT Requirements for Commercial Drivers Policy (04/18/2016)
TRN-A018Securing Carry On Items On School Buses (10/01/2018)
TRN-A019Hardship and Tuition Paying Student Transportation Policy (11/09/2015)
TRN-A021Student Management Support on CMCSS School Buses (06/11/2020)
TRN-A022School Bus and Driver Records Collection and Maintenance (01/02/2018)
TRN-A023Student Bus Conduct Policy (09/23/2019)
TRN-A024Safe Loading & Unloading On Campus Policy (07/02/2018)
TRN-A025School Bus Driver Annual Performance Bonus Policy (12/03/2018)
TRN-A026Returning Students to School for Safety Reasons (01/25/2021)
TRN-A027School Bus Driver Referral Stipend Program (09/14/2021)
TRN-A028Newly-Hired Driver "Sign-On" Stipend Program (09/14/2021)
TRN-A029Incentive Program for Staff Required to Service Additional Routes (09/24/2021)

Vehicle Maintenance

VHM-A001Allowable Maximum Speed (09/23/2019)
VHM-A002Vehicle Idle Times (10/12/2008)
VHM-A003Towing Service Billing Rates (09/23/2019)
VHM-A004Vehicle Inspection and Repair Safety (09/23/2019)



TCH-A001Technology Purchases (02/27/2017)
TCH-A002Technology Acceptable Usage (08/30/2021)
TCH-A003User Password Policy (01/11/2016)
TCH-A004CMCSS Student Technology Acceptable and Responsible Use Policy (07/02/2018)
TCH-A004_SPTechnology Acceptable and Responsible Use - Spanish (07/02/2018)