Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


Employee Directory

shelton, elise

Elise Shelton

Chief Communications Officer
(931) 920-7921
[email protected]
balthrop-zook, sherri

Sherri Balthrop-Zook

Copy Center Coordinator
(931) 920-7922
[email protected]
davis, haley

Haley Davis

Communications Specialist
(931) 920-7809
[email protected]
johnson, anthony

Anthony Johnson

Director of Community Relations & Continuous Improvement
(931) 920-7872
[email protected]

Sherry Neblett

Information and Records Specialist, Records Lead
(931) 920-7930
[email protected]
James Obryant_9159-2

James "O'Bee" O'Bryant

Executive Director, CMC Education Foundation
(931) 920-7955
[email protected]
persun, brittany

Brittany Persun

Information and Records Specialist, Creative Services
(931) 920-7936
[email protected]

Teresa Richmond

Information and Records Specialist
(931) 648-5600
[email protected]
whitaker, zach

Zach Whitaker

Multimedia Production Specialist
(931) 920-7893
[email protected]
williams, katie

Katie Williams

Education Foundation Coordinator
(931) 920-7928
[email protected]
Wix, Courtney

Courtney Wix

Digital Design and Content Specialist
(931) 920-7785
[email protected]