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Master Document List

Communications Department

 Communications (COM)COM
 COM-A001 Distribution of Information and Material 04/02/2018
 COM-A002 Social Media Use Policy 12/12/2011
 COM-A003 Student Records 06/01/2015
 COM-A004 Public Records Request 06/26/2017
 COM-F001 Public Records Request Form 06/26/2017
 COM-F002 Public Participation at Board Meetings 08/08/2016
 COM-F003 Point of Pride Nomination Form 06/12/2015
 COM-F005 Release Form 02/23/2012
 COM-F006 Analyzing an Issue for Communication Needs 02/20/2012
 COM-F007 Waiver Release Form 02/20/2012
 COM-F011 Communications Department Internship Application 04/07/2014
 COM-F014 Communications Work Order (fillable) 08/26/2016
 COM-F015 Public Records Request Response Form 06/26/2017
 COM-G001 CMCSS Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Material 07/12/2007
 COM-G002 Graphic Style Guide 04/22/2013
 COM-G003 Guidelines for Social Media Use 12/12/2011
 COM-G004 Guidelines on Advertising and Distributing Nonschool-Sponsored Publications 04/06/2018
 COM-P001 Stakeholder Engagement Procedure 02/27/2012
 COM-P003 Media Inquiries 12/10/2012
 COM-P004 Student Records Procedure 06/01/2015
 COM-P005 Public Records Request Procedure 06/26/2017
 COM-W001 School Messenger How to Send a Broadcast 11/01/2013
 COM-W002 School Messenger Creating Lists Using the Website 11/01/2013
 COM-W003 School Messenger iPhone App Setup 11/01/2013
 COM-W004 School Messenger iPhone App 11/01/2013
 external link FERPA  
 external link Duplicate Diploma Request 05/01/2013
 external link Copyright Guidelines  

 Copy Center (CPY)CPY
 CPY-F003 Anticipated Printing Needs for Elementary Schools 04/06/2018
 CPY-F004 Anticipated Printing Needs for Middle Schools 04/06/2018
 CPY-F005 Anticipated Printing Needs for High Schools 04/06/2018
 CPY-F006 Miscellaneous Anticipated Printing Needs  
 CPY-F008 Courier From CMCSS Printing Services  
 CPY-F009 Printing Services Charge Ticket  
 CPY-F010 Printing Services Feedback Card  
 CPY-F011 Printing Totals 04/23/2013
 CPY-F012 Box Totals for Elementary Printing Request 04/09/2018
 CPY-F013 Box Totals for Middle/High Printing Request 04/09/2018
 CPY-F014 Anticipated Envelope Needs 04/09/2018
 CPY-P001 Copy Center Orders Procedure 04/09/2018

 Education Foundation (FOU)FOU
 FOU-F003 (fillable) 2017-2018 CMC Education Foundation Annual Campaign Form 08/14/2017
 FOU-F004 Foundation Support Form Cover Letter 05/17/2017
 FOU-F005 Foundation Support Form 05/15/2017

 Parent and Volunteer Engagement (PVE)PVE

 Records (REC)REC
 REC-F002 Records Recall List  
 REC-F003 Request for Transcript/ Immunization Record 04/30/2015
 REC-F004 Request for School Records 05/13/2016
 REC-F005 Records Cash/Check Received Log 12/10/2012
 REC-F006 Incomplete Records Request 03/26/2013
 REC-F007 Records to Central Office 04/30/2013
 REC-P001 Records Processing Procedure 04/22/2009
 REC-P002 Records Inquiry Procedure 03/26/2013
 REC-P003 Verification of Graduation Procedure 03/26/2013
 REC-P004 Collection of Debts Procedure 03/26/2013
 REC-P005 Verification for Social Security or Birth Certificate Procedure 10/04/2013
 REC-P006 Electronic Record Retrieval Procedure 10/04/2013
 REC-W003 Sending Cumulative Records from High School to Central Records 05/20/2016
 REC-W004 Sending Cumulative Records from Elementary/Middle School to Central Records 05/20/2016