Going Green Initiative


Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


Annually, CMCSS consumes approximately 48,203,454 KWH of electricity, 318,000 gallons of low sulfur diesel fuel, 134,121 gallons of unleaded gasoline, 71,619,300 gallons of water & sewer, 678,738 CCF of natural gas, 4,812 gallons of propane gas for buildings, and 82,092 gallons of propane for buses. Without the energy efficiency initiatives and upgrades, the utilities budget for the CMCSS 2019-2020 school year could have been as high as $8,863,537 in the general funds budget. These initiatives resulted in a cost avoidance for the District of over $1.3 million.

CMCSS is committed to energy conservation and stewardship of natural resources. Appropriate means and methods are employed to monitor and minimize energy consumption throughout the District.

2019-2020 CMCSS Total Cost of $7,530,114.14 After Savings