Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


Cultivating Responsible Youth – Moore Magnet School

Moore Magnet School

One of the main reasons organizations choose to conserve resources is to keep resources in tack for future generations. Some have greater opportunities to share these values than others. In this case, children from four to 12-years-old are learning about the importance of their environment, the role they play and what they can do by applying science, technology, engineering and math into their learning about the environment. 

This school did not let the fact that they were in one of the oldest schools in the County deter them. They had a vision to be recognized as a model “green” school. They pulled a team of teachers, support staff, and students together to generate ideas. They worked with Bi-County to put a recycling team in place and greatly increased their recycling efforts. They incorporated what one teacher learned at the US Department Building Council’s Green Classroom conference by working on energy conservation room by room with energy audits. The school began turning out lights; unplugging unnecessary items, adjusting thermostat settings for nights and weekends; shutting down computers and eliminating personal appliances. 

Results showed a 12% decrease in KWH used from 2012 to 2013. The school also has no idling signs in their parent pick-up line as a reminder of the importance of clean air. In industry there is a phrase called Responsible Care to encourage wise use of resources. 

We would like to thank Moore Magnet for Cultivating Responsible Youth for our future!