Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.

Child Nutrition    |   Our mission is to provide students with nutritious meals on a daily basis to support student achievement

Employee Directory

tarkington, shane

Shane Tarkington

Child Nutrition Director
(931) 920-7842

Administrative Support

austin, margie

Margie Austin

Business Manager
(931) 920-7841

Brad Anderson

Nutrition Support Analyst
(931) 920-7833
hodges, chris

Chris Hodges

Equipment Manager
(931) 920-7948
kitchen, katherine

Katie Kitchen

Free and Reduced Coordinator
(931) 920-7843

Melanie Kranz

Administrative Analyst
(931) 920-7912
lee, louis

Louis Lee

Computer Operations Coordinator
(931) 920-7835
richardson, judy

Judy Richardson

Accounting Associate
(931) 920-7793
scott, jacqueline

Jackie Scott

Administrative Assistant
(931) 920-7842
swiger, christopher

Chris Swiger

Equipment and Warehouse Specialist
(931) 920-7925

Field Managers

barnabi, amanda

Amanda Barnabi

Field Supervisor
(931) 920-7840

Rhonda Barnes

Field Manager
(931) 920-7874

Locations Assigned to Rhonda: Barkers Mill Elementary, Glenellen Elementary, Hazelwood Elementary, Northeast Elementary, Northeast High, Northeast Middle, Oakland Elementary School, Pisgah Elementary, Ringgold Elementary, St. Bethlehem Elementary, West Creek Elementary, West Creek High, West Creek Middle

Deborah Grant

Field Manager
(931) 241-0850

Locations Assigned to Deborah: Barksdale Elementary, Burt Elementary, Carmel Elementary, Clarksville High, East Montgomery Elementary, Greenwood Complex/Alternative School, Moore Magnet, Norman Smith Elementary, Richview Middle, Rossview Elementary, Rossview High, Rossview Middle, Sango Elementary

Whitney Hayes

Field Manager, Culinary
(931) 920-7815
tanner, bobbi

Bobbi Tanner

Field Manager
(931) 920-7949

Locations Assigned to Bobbie: Byrns Darden Elementary, Cumberland Heights Elementary, Kenwood Elementary, Kenwood High, Kenwood Middle, Liberty Elementary, Minglewood Elementary, Montgomery Central Elementary, Montgomery Central High, Montgomery Central Middle, New Providence Middle, Northwest High, Woodlawn Elementary

School Cafeteria Managers

Ursula Woolson BMES
Barkers Mill Elementary

Ursula Woolson

(931) 906-7235
Tammy Koroll BES
Barksdale Elementary

Tammy Koroll

(931) 648-5685
Debi Burt BES
Burt Elementary

Debi Lowe

(931) 648-5630
Marilyn Emmett BDE
Byrns Darden Elementary

Jo Emmett

(931) 648-5615
Angela Bailey CES
Carmel Elementary

Angela Bailey

(931) 820-1113
Daniela Caccia CHS
Clarksville High

Daniela Caccia

(931) 648-5690
George Buckner CHES
Cumberland Heights Elementary

George Buckner

(931) 648-5695
Carol Taylor EMES
East Montgomery Elementary

Carol Taylor

(931) 358-4087
Tiffaney Contreras GES
Glenellen Elementary

Tiffany Contreras

(931) 920-6158
Wendy Darnell HES
Hazelwood Elementary

Wendy Darnell

(931) 553-2075
Patricia Corns KES
Kenwood Elementary

Pat Corns

(931) 553-2059
Jammie Shade KHS
Kenwood High

Jammie Shade

(931) 905-7900
Gidget Barefield KMS
Kenwood Middle

Gidget Barefield

(931) 553-2080
Kendra Shanklin LES
Liberty Elementary

Kendra Shanklin

(931) 905-5729
Patricia Worner MES
Minglewood Elementary

Patricia Worner

(931) 648-5646
Brandi Perry MCES
Montgomery Central Elementary

Brandi Perry

(931) 387-3208
Sheila Thompson MCHS
Montgomery Central High

Sheila Thompson

(931) 387-3201
April McCloud MCMS
Montgomery Central Middle

April McCloud

(931) 387-2575
Jennifer Gann Moore
Moore Magnet

Jennifer Gann

(931) 648-5635
Cynthia Carter NPMS
New Providence Middle

Cynthia Carter

(931) 648-5655
Lana Benningfield SES
Norman Smith Elementary

Lana Benningfield

(931) 905-7919
Fran Hall NEES
Northeast Elementary

Fran Hall

(931) 920-6140
Kim Sheppard-Klumb NEHS
Northeast High

Kim Klumb

(931) 648-5640
Donna Eddlemon NEMS
Northeast Middle

Donna Eddlemon

(931) 648-5665
Amanda Blevins NWHS
Northwest High

Amanda Blevins

(931) 648-5675
Ina Moss OES
Oakland Elementary

Ina Moss

(931) 920-7422
Carmen Wyatt Pisgah
Pisgah Elementary

Carmen Wyatt

(931) 802-6790
Patricia Lyle RMS
Richview Middle

Patricia Lyle

(931) 648-5620
Darla Spurlock Ringold
Ringgold Elementary

Darla Spurlock

(931) 648-5628
Kim Cutrona RossES
Rossview Elementary

Kim Cutrona

(931) 645-1403
Terri Anderson RHS
Rossview High

Terri Anderson

(931) 553-2070
DannElla Long RoMS
Rossview Middle

Danella Long

(931) 920-6150
Cerlinde Morgan-Sykes Sango
Sango Elementary

Gerlinde Sykes

(931) 358-4096
Allison Sutton SBE
St. Bethlehem Elementary

Allison Sutton

(931) 648-5671
Cynthia Worth WCES
West Creek Elementary

Cynthia Worth

(931) 802-8637
Erin Morrow WCHS
West Creek High

Erin Morrow

(931) 503-1788
Paula Williams WCMS
West Creek Middle

Paula Williams

(931) 503-3288
Rose Bardwell WES
Woodlawn Elementary

Rose Bardwell

(931) 648-5680


jones, james

James Jones

Light Equipment Operator
(931) 920-7943
ross, kimberlee

Kimberlee Ross

Light Equipment Operator
(931) 920-7943
williams, richard

Richard Williams

Light Equipment Operator
(931) 920-7943