Director's Office


Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


About Us

The district mission, “to educate and empower our students to reach their potential” can only be realized through the vision and collaborative efforts of many groups including the School Board, CMCSS staff, local government, civic and faith-based organizations, and the business community. The Director of Schools provides the pivotal point where vision becomes reality as goals are set and steps to achieve those goals are put into action.

Supporting Our Students

The Director of Schools works with the School Board to determine policies and goals that will best direct the district in supporting its mission and vision of all students achieving at their highest potential. The policies and goals supporting student achievement are continually monitored and reported to the Board and the public to celebrate success as well as identify areas that call for improvement.

Supporting Our Employees

The Director works with staff to define the direction of the district and develop strategic goals and work targeted to support student achievement at increasingly higher levels each year. The Director supports staff and students as an advocate in communicating successes and needs of the district with all stakeholders.