Business Affairs


Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


About Us

The Business Department is responsible for the financial accountability of all school system functions. This is accomplished through proper budgeting, monthly and annual financial reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, individual school accounting in accordance with the Tennessee State accounting manual and reporting and requesting reimbursement for all Federal Programs in accordance with State and Federal guidelines and requirements.

Areas of the Business Department include administrative and budgeting services, accounting, grants, individual school accounts support, property control, payroll, purchasing, warehouse and textbook processing.

Supporting Our Students

The textbook processing area acquires and barcodes textbooks and teaching materials for all schools. The warehouse distributes textbooks, furniture, food, centralized inventory supplies and internal mail to the schools.

By continuously seeking the most economical means of meeting the school system’s needs for goods and services and ensuring the payments are accurate and timely we are able to maximize the use of education dollars.

The grants area works with the Instruction Team in providing financial information and monitoring submission and progress of grants. Grants awarded to the system allow us to provide students with additional resources and opportunities.

Supporting Our Employees

The payroll department processes payment of salaries and wages for all employees of the system and assists employees by responding to any questions that they have regarding their pay, deductions or leave records. They ensure that all payments for salaries and wages, payroll taxes, retirement contributions and voluntary deductions are accurate and timely. Through the use of MUNIS self service, employees can have access to their pay and leave information at any time.

Property control provides assistance to all schools and departments by maintaining an inventory of equipment and other fixed assets.