It is the vision of the Tennessee Department of Education and the Clarksville Montgomery County School System that all students will leave our schools equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully embark on their chosen path in life. Empowering our students to pursue the education and training that matches their chosen career pathway is essential to this vision. In order to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills valued by both employers and postsecondary educators, the Tennessee Department of Education has set two major strategic goals for all schools in the state:

  • By 2020, the average composite score on the ACT (or equivalent on the SAT) will be a 21.
  • By 2020, the majority of high school graduates will be on track to receive a postsecondary degree or credential.

In order to meet those goals, all students who are enrolled in a Tennessee high school during their junior year will be required to take the ACT before they can be awarded a diploma. According to the ACT, the benchmark for college readiness is a composite score of 21. The ACT has further broken down the benchmarks into an 18 for English, a 22 for math, a 22 for reading, and a 23 for science. If students are able to score at, or above, these benchmarks, they have a high probability of success in credit-bearing college courses. In addition to predicting college and career readiness, standardized tests like the ACT are used to determine eligibility for scholarships such as the Tennessee HOPE.

All juniors will have the opportunity to take the test, free of charge, during March of their junior year. As part of the Tennessee Student Assessment Transparency Act of 2016, students will also be given the opportunity to retake the assessment, free of charge, in the fall of their senior year.

The ACT assesses a student’s cumulative knowledge and skills based on standards taught from elementary through high school. The resources below may be helpful for both students and parents in preparing for the ACT. All of them are free, unless noted with $$.

ACT Standards

Preparing for the ACT

Daily Practice

Subject specific practice 

Full Length Practice Tests