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Bus Safety

Bus safety is everyone’s responsibility. The more students and drivers work together to get everyone home safely, the more we all succeed! 

Students are expected to follow certain guidelines while on CMCSS transportation. Proper behavior such as remaining seated while the bus is in motion, limiting rowdy behavior, and paying attention to the bus driver is expected at all times.

Bus Safety Policies

Bus Conduct Report for Major Safety Infractions

Bus Conduct Report for Minor Infractions

The above policies are in place regarding CMCSS student transportation. Failure to follow these expectations may result in disciplinary action. 

Please review the Transportation Safety and Discipline Information (pdf).

Bus Stop Safety Guidelines

If you need to report a safety concern regarding CMCSS Student Transportation contact 931-820-1150. 

Young Students and New to CMCSS

Riding the school bus is an exciting experience for young students. It may also come with some nervousness. We can all help our students enjoy their bus rides with preparation and practice.

  1. Families, please make sure your student knows his or her bus number and home address, especially if you use an alternate transportation means in the mornings.
  2. Caution your child not to get off the bus if the stop is unfamiliar to them.
  3. Parents of younger students, please ensure they either know their address or have it written down for them in a safe place. Remind students they should not get off the bus at a stop that is not their designated stop. 
  4. Walk with your child to the bus stop before the first day of school. 
  5. Talk with your children about proper bus behavior. Watch the video below with your child as it explains the bus driver’s expectations.

School Bus Rules and Guidelines

  1. To ensure safety, the driver must be totally in charge. Passengers must respond promptly to instructions given.
  2. The use of tobacco, food, and drink on the bus is prohibited. Animals and oversized objects, as well as glass containers, are not permitted.
  3. Passengers must observe classroom conduct. Ordinary conversation is permitted. Horseplay, unruly behavior, abusive and obscene language, or gestures are unacceptable.
  4. Keep aisles and stairwell clear at all times.
  5. Never extend any portion of your body out bus windows.
  6. Do not attempt to get off or move about while the bus is in motion. Always remain seated until the bus stops.
  7. If you cause damage to the bus, you or your parents must pay for that damage.
  8. Regular schedules must be observed. The bus cannot wait for tardy passengers. Students must be on time.
  9. Wait at the proper stop. Never stand in the roadway.
  10. If you cross the street or road to board or unload, wait for the driver’s signal. Cross in front of the bus.
  11. Drivers will not unload passengers at places other than the assigned stops near their home or school without proper written authorization from the parent with approval from the school administration.
  12. Failure to follow these regulations may result in disciplinary action to include suspension from transportation.