CMCSS Coordinated School Health

CMCSS Coordinated School Health values the connection between education and child physical, emotional, and social health. The CSH approach uses eight inter-related components to improve student health and learning with the support of their families, community, and schools. CMCSS Coordinated School Health works with partners throughout the community to address the needs of children across the district. 

Tennessee Coordinated School Health Components

The Tennessee Coordinated School Health contain these eight inter-related components. 

Click the components below to view resources for students, staff, and families. 

1. Health Education

2. Health Services

3. Nutrition

4. Physical Education/Physical Activity

5. Healthy School Environment

6. School Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

7. Student, Family, and Community Involvement

8. School Staff Wellness

CMCSS Local School Wellness Policy and Guide

Please click here for the Local School Wellness Policy and click here for the Local School Wellness Guide. If you have feedback, contact Taryn Suiter, Coordinated School Health and Employee Wellness Supervisor, at [email protected]