Reading Resources

Many resources exist for supporting early literacy. Below are a few online and national programs that support families. New resources and links will be added regularly. It takes a village to support early literacy, and as your child’s first teacher, we want to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to begin this journey. Learning begins at home and your child’s story begins here.

How Reading Works: The Science of Reading

Online Resources

Reading Buddies is an engaging foundational television series based on the science of reading. The show makes the science of reading fun for aspiring young readers—cleverly teaching the underlying components of skillful word reading.

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Decodable Book Series

The Interactive Decodable Book Series is now available for free for all Tennessee families of K–2 children to encourage at-home reading practice to help young learners become stronger readers.

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PBS and Reading 360 – Starting Sounds

Reading 360 provides resources to help more Tennessee students develop strong phonics-based reading skills by supporting districts, teachers, and families.

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