English Learners

Teacher Residency Programs


English Learner Program Descriptions for Elementary (K-5)

EL Service Model


Appropriate Level

Elementary Pull-out Services

Students meet outside of the general education class to focus specifically on language-based skills in relation to language proficiency goals and grade-level standards.
Most appropriate for Entering and Emerging levels.

Flexible Services

Students who qualify may see the EL teacher to work on language skill needs determined by the annual English language assessment (ACCESS).

Students must have a 3.5 overall ACCESS composite, a 3.5 in reading, a 3.5 in writing, and either a 3.5 in speaking or listening to qualify for this service.


Co-teaching occurs when two teachers work together to build content subject understanding while building language development among English learners.  One teacher is the general education teacher while one teacher is the English learner teacher.  While both teachers focus on high-impact teaching strategies, the English learner teacher uses engaging language learner strategies to enhance language skill development.

Most appropriate for students who are in the Developing, Expanding or Bridging levels.