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Registering Non-English Background (NELB) Students

If your student is new to Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools or is transferring between schools, enroll online by visiting https://enroll.cmcss.net

To complete the enrollment process, parents may go to their child’s zoned school or the Enrollment Center with the necessary documents. However, parents visiting the Enrollment Center still may need to go to their child’s zoned school to complete portions of the enrollment process, including registering for classes. The CMCSS Enrollment Center, located at 430 Greenwood Ave., is open M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., throughout the calendar year when district offices are open. To contact the Enrollment Center, please call 931.542.5078.

The Home Language Survey is a part of the school’s registration process. Please answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. The Home Language Survey asks questions regarding what language is used by your student and in your home. This survey is given to all families due to the requirement of the State of Tennessee. If families answer with a language other than English on the Home Language Survey, the student(s) must be assessed by an English language assessment to determine if EL services should be offered. If the assessment was done at another school in the United States, CMCSS will follow the recommendations of that school for placing the student.

The assessment results will be given to the family. If your child is proficient, English learner services will not be provided; however, if your child is not proficient, your student(s) will qualify for EL services. You have the right to waive services; however, the student remains identified as an English learner and must take the annual English language proficiency test until they are proficient by the State’s predetermined scores.

Parents must bring the following documents to register:

  • A birth certificate or other proof of date of birth
  • State law requires that a copy of a student’s state-issued birth certificate be in the cumulative folder. Schools can accept other proof of date of birth for registration, but the parent/guardian needs to provide a copy of the child’s state-issued birth certificate.
  • Student’s Tennessee Immunization Record
  • A complete medical exam is required for all Pre-K enrollees. Evidence of completed exam can be presented upon registration. A medical exam is recommended for all students in grades K-12 at the time of registration. See the Health Services page for more information.
  • Proof of Custody (if applicable)
  • Two (2) Proofs of Residence:
  • Mortgage Verification (with name and address)
  • Tax Receipt (property taxes or personal property taxes)
  • Current Rental Agreement (naming tenants)
  • State/Federal Records (Federal Tax, Soc. Sec, Child Assistance Records)
  • Utility Bills (electric, gas, water/sewer, landline phone, waste disposal)
  • Current Car Insurance or Vehicle Registration (with name and address)
  • Internet, Cable, Satellite (with name and address)
  • Employment Records (with name and address)
  • Government Issued Photo ID (with name and address)
  • Power of Attorney For Care of a Minor Child form (required in certain circumstances)

Parents are encouraged to bring the following documents:

  • School records/Transcripts. Please have the transcripts translated to expedite the class scheduling process.
  • Information regarding Special Education services
  • Information regarding EL services

Interpretation Services

If someone at the Registration Center cannot interpret for you, the staff may call an interpreting service, Language Line, to assist with your interpretation needs.