The next generation of leaders walks our halls today. CMCSS understands the critical role we play in the success of our students and our community. By committing ourselves to excellence, we encourage those around us to try harder, think deeper, and achieve greater every day. 


Leaders in Environmental Stewardship

Our Operations Department continues to explore new ways to provide sustainable, responsible growth in the district. This includes commitments to improving air quality, clean transportation, and renewable energy. Careers within the Operations Department allow you to explore current challenges in new ways.

Excellence in Technology

If you enjoy solving complex problems while also protecting children, consider a career in the Technology Department. Our team of experts routinely develops platforms, programs, and solutions to benefit our students, teachers, and staff. Use your design and development skills to positively shape the future.

Leaders in the State

CMCSS schools routinely rank among the top schools in Tennessee. We are proud the district maintains one of the highest graduation rates across the state, while also having multiple schools named as rewards schools each year. These successes are due to the excellent educators in our classrooms and the supportive staff behind the scenes who care for our employees. 

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Let your excellence shine through at CMCSS