Human Resources


Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


Job Descriptions > Central Services – Gracey

Business Office

C160 - Accounting Specialist
C163 - Administrative Analytical Specialist
C166 - Senior Accountant – Federal Projects
C187 - Senior Accountant-Payroll Supervisor
C200 - Accounting Technician II
C201 - Payroll Officer
C204 - Accounting Technician - Payroll
C206 - Accounting Technician- Business Affairs
C209 - Accountant
C213 - Senior Accountant, Federal Projects and Grants
C228 - Accountant – Business Affairs Analysis.
C284 - ESSER Accountant-Business Affairs
O104 - Property Control Officer
O107 - Textbook Processing Associate
O120 - Assistant Property Control Officer
P100 - Accounting Technician-ISA Training and Support
P140 - Accountant - Payroll
P141 - Procurement Officer
P142 - Internal Control Specialist
P146 - Float Accounting Tech - ISA

Child Nutrition

C102 - Free and Reduced Coordinator
C103 - Nutrition Support Analyst
C127 - Accounting Associate - Child Nutrition
C129 - Administrative Assistant IV - Child Nutrition
C208 - Financial Coordinator/ CN Warehouse Supervisor
F100 - Child Nutrition Assistant (7) - Lead
F101 - Food Service Assistant
F105 - Cafeteria Manager I
F106 - Cafeteria Manager III
F107 - Food Service Field Manager
F108 - Cafeteria Manager II
F109 - Cafeteria Manager Trainee
F110 - Child Nutrition Field Manager - Culinary
F111 - Food Service Assistant
F114 - Warehouse Associate/Delivery Driver
F115 - Food Service Assistant
F117 - Food Service Assistant
F118 - Food Service Assistant
F121 - Food Service Assistant
F122 - Food Service Assistant
F123 - Food Service Assistant
F124 - Computer Operations Coordinator Child Nutrition
F126 - Light Equipment Operator
F133 - Equipment, Technology, and Warehouse Specialist
F135 - Child Nutrition District Equipment Manager
F136 - Warehouse Associate/Delivery Driver 260 day
F139 - Food Service Assistant (Floating)
R109 - Food Service Equipment Technician


C186 - Information Associate
C197 - Communications Associate-Communications Office
C199 - Multimedia Production Specialist
C212 - CMC Education Foundation/Community Relations Coordinator
C222 - Digital Design and Content Specialist
C237 - Copy Center Coordinator

Director's Office

C121 - Executive Assistant
C230 - Executive Assistant- Office of General Counsel

Human Resources

C104 - Human Resources Associate-Benefits-Insurance Trust
C116 - Administrative Assistant V - Human Resources
C136 - Certified Employment Representative
C168 - Classified Employment Representative
C176 - Human Resources Associate-Benefits
C179 - Human Resources Associate
C180 - Safety and Health Associate
C184 - Safety and Health Specialist
C190 - Human Resources Associate (Certified)
C207 - Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
C220 - Coordinated School Health & Employee Wellness Supervisor
C221 - Administrative Assistant II-Benefits-Insurance Trust
C229 - Administrative Assistant II- HR/Background Specialist
C238 - COVID-19 Response Assistant (Temporary)
P149- Individual Health Plan Coordinator/Registered Nurse
P152 - Wellness Screening Nurse


C146 - Computer Repair Technician
C147 - Assistant SIS Coordinator
C177 - SIS Coordinator
C193 - Help Desk Technician
C205 - Desktop Support Technician
C223 - Desktop Support Team Lead
C224 - Network Engineer
C225 - Junior Network Engineer
C240 - Desktop Support Technician (ESSER Funded)
P104 - Administrative Assistant V - Technology