Human Resources


Our mission is to maximize the use of resources in support of student achievement.


Job Descriptions > Operations


O106 - Textbook Distribution Manager
O109 - Mail Clerk
O110 - Assistant Textbook Distribution Manager
O114 - Textbook Distribution Associate
O118 - Textbook Distribution Associate (Part-Time)
O121 - Textbook Distribution Associate/Bus Driver
R101 - Senior Electronic Repair Technician
R102 - Electronic Repair Technician
R104 - Small Engine/Custodian Equipment Repair Technician
R105 - Electrician
R106 - HVAC Mechanic
R107 - Small Engine/Custodial Equipment Repair
R111 - Building Automation Technician
R113 - Foreman Maintenance
R115 - Building Maintenance Technician
R116 - Plumber Wastewater Operator
R118 - Master Plumber
R120 - Light Equipment Operator Groundskeeper
R122 - Building Maintenance Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
R125 - Senior Building Maintenance Technician
R127 - Boiler Chiller Technician
R129 - HVAC Technician
R130 - Heavy Equipment Operator
R131 - Maintenance Supply Coordinator
R135 - Pest Control Specialist
R137 - Senior Cabinet Maker
R138 - Boiler Chiller Operator
R141 - Refrigeration/Appliance Repair Technician
R142 - Maintenance Dispatcher
R143 - Operations Coordinator/Administrative Assistant V
R144 - Lead Electrician
R145 - Lead HVAC Technician
R146 - Lead Heavy Equipment Operator
R147 - Lead Building Maintenance Technician
R153 - Waste Disposal Operator/Heavy Equipment Operator
R154 - Fire Alarm/Security Alarm Technician
R155 - Assistant Manager Custodial/Operations

Plant Facilities

P106 - Administrative Assistant IV


O117 - Custodian/Bus Driver
O119 - Bus Driver/School Assistant
T101 - Bus Driver
T102 - Bus Aide
T104 - Bus Driver - Special Needs Students
T108 - Route Analyst
T111 - Senior School Bus Mechanic
T112 - Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic
T114 - Vehicle Lead Mechanic
T115 - Fleet Supervisor
T117 - Service Technician
T121 - Permanent Substitute Bus Driver
T122 - Routing/Dispatch Assistant
T126 - Driver Supervisor
T135 - Driver Safety Supervisor
T136 - Administrative Assistant II - Vehicle Maintenance
T137 - Administrative Assistant IV - Driver Safety
T138 - Administrative Assistant II
T139 - Bus Monitor
T140 - Junior Fleet Supervisor
T141 - Administrative Assistant II - Customer Service/Drivers Safety Representative
T142 - Driver Programs Manager (DPM)
T143 - Bus Driver/Passenger Management Specialist
T144 - AV/GPS Technician
T145 - Bus Driver/Driver Trainer
T888 - Substitute Bus Aide
T999 - Substitute Bus Driver