The Spanish Immersion Program at Barksdale Elementary offers all academic instruction in the target language of Spanish. Partnered with add.a.lingua, the Immersion program is committed to a quality dual language program with the goals of increased academic achievement, cross-cultural intelligence, and high levels of bilingualism. This authentic communication during the school day allows students to learn a second language in a similar manner in which they learned their first language. The program began in August 2018 with two Kindergarten classes. The program is projected to grow by a grade level each school year.

Advantages of dual-language immersion instruction include:

  • Research shows that children can easily learn multiple languages early in life.
  • Research shows that students gain additional cognitive, academic and employment benefits.
  • Students have the opportunity to achieve true bilingualism and bi-literacy in Spanish and English.
  • Immersion students typically experience academic achievement at or above their single-language peers.

For more information and resources, click here to visit the Spanish Immersion school-based website.

Information on the 2023-2024 School Year

Spanish Immersion Brochure 2023-2024

Space in the program is limited.

As a part of the application process, students will be screened to determine if early literacy benchmarks have been met prior to enrollment. You may submit an application after the deadline; however, your child will be placed on a waiting list.

Spanish Immersion Classroom