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Accounting (ACC)

ACC-F004In-County Mileage Reim for Official Travel Form 05/04/2022
ACC-F006CMCSS Facilities Use Invoice Request 11/06/2018
ACC-F006aCMCSS Facilities Use Form (Non-rental)08/29/2019
ACC-F006BFacilities Use Invoice Request for Prepay Customers - Rent Only11/06/2018
ACC-F007Check Request 01/08/2018
ACC-F008Extracurricular Events Invoice Request (fillable)09/13/2019
ACC-F008AExtracurricular Events Invoice Request – Classified Employees Only08/29/2019
ACC-F009Stop Pay and Void Checklist
ACC-F010Void Payment & Check Replacement Request08/11/2020
ACC-F011Check Verification Form
ACC-F014Deposit for PR Deductions11/28/2023
ACC-P001Accounts Payable 05/09/2022
ACC-P002Establishing Accounts Receivable 10/31/2012
ACC-P003Receipting Payments 04/12/2007
ACC-P004Preparation of Deposit 05/09/2022
ACC-P006Mileage Reimbursement for Official In-County Travel 05/14/2012
ACC-P007Federal Project Accounting Procedure 09/01/2023
ACC-P008Stop Pay and Void Procedure05/09/2022
ACC-P009Billing for Destroyed School Bus Property 07/10/2019
ACC-P010Credit Card Processing11/06/2018
ACC-R001Regulations Governing Official Travel 11/16/2022

Budget (BUD)

BUD-A001Budget Policy07/11/2005
BUD-F001Budget Information Request Form 01/26/2010
BUD-F002Budget Worksheet12/02/2022
BUD-F003Request for Consideration of Additional Staffing Requirements 12/05/2011
BUD-F005Dues and Memberships Budget Worksheet11/27/2022
BUD-F006Staff Development Budget Worksheet11/27/2022
BUD-F007Equipment Budget Request Worksheet11/30/2009
BUD-P001Annual Budget 11/15/2021
BUD-P002Employee Record Reconciliation 11/12/2018
BUD-W001Instructions for GL Account Inquiry 11/27/2022
BUD-W002Instructions for MUNIS Budget Entry 11/27/2022

Business (BUS)

BUS-A001Community Use of School Facilities05/28/2019
BUS-A002Audit Policy08/10/2004
BUS-A003Student Fees, Fines, and Charges08/01/2022
BUS-A004Expense Reimbursements04/20/2015
BUS-A005School Support Organizations04/17/2017
BUS-A007Credit Card Processing Policy05/09/2022
BUS-A008Gift Card Policy04/25/2022
BUS-F001Application for Use of School Facilities & Agreement 08/13/2019
BUS-F002Contract for Chartered Transportation Service 10/24/2011
BUS-F003Routing Slip (Chartered Transportation Contract) 05/15/2009
BUS-F004SERVICE Award Nomination 10/17/2005
BUS-F005Federally Connected Students Form09/28/2022
BUS-F006Contract for Professional Services (Template) 09/01/2021
BUS-F007Contract Routing Sheet 06/29/2023
BUS-F008School Support Organization Form 07/02/2021
BUS-F009School Support Groups Agreement for Concessions 04/05/2017
BUS-F011Certified Delivery Form06/14/2013
BUS-F012Equipment/Uniform Loan Agreement 03/04/2016
BUS-F012AEquipment Checkout Form 11/16/2009
BUS-F012BTool Kit Checkout Form 11/12/2009
BUS-F012CUniform Check-Out 11/16/2009
BUS-F013School Records Disposal Reporting Form 02/04/2013
BUS-F014Amendment to Contract for Professional Services 02/22/2010
BUS-F015CMCSS Mileage Matrix06/08/2022
BUS-F016School Support Organizations Fundraiser Authorization Form08/07/2023
BUS-F017School Support Organizations Cooperative Agreement07/28/2020
BUS-F018School Support Organizations Training Acknowledgement07/20/2020
BUS-F019School Support Organizations Concession Profit Analysis Report11/30/2017
BUS-F020Attestation Form01/16/2019
BUS-F021Credit Card Processing Employee Agreement11/06/2018
BUS-F022Travel Card Regulations02/20/2019
BUS-F023School Support Organization Annual Financial Report08/25/2020
BUS-F024Monthly Timesheet for Certified Staff - Individual03/25/2021
BUS-F025Timesheet for Certified Employees - Multiple03/25/2021
BUS-F026Standard Architect Contract11/12/2021
BUS-F027Employee Gift Cards - Taxable Income Acknowledgement Form04/29/2022
BUS-F028Master Log of Gift Cards Received or Purchased by District08/03/2022
BUS-F029Personnel Change Request Form Outside of the Budget Process04/09/2024
BUS-G001Guidelines for Disposal of Records 01/29/2014
BUS-G002Service Awards, Training, Event Expenditure Guidelines03/28/2024
BUS-G003Credit Card Processing Guidelines05/09/2022
BUS-P001Facilities Use Billing 11/06/2018
BUS-P002Execution of Contract for Outside Professional Services 09/14/2021
BUS-P006Nonprofit School Support Organizations07/28/2020
BUS-P007Nonprofit School Support Organizations Fundraising Procedure08/15/2023
BUS-P008Contract Routing Procedure07/28/2021
BUS-P009Personnel Change Request Outside of the Budget Process Procedure06/26/2023
WAR-F002Forklift Truck Checklist11/22/2016

Custodial Staff - Central Office (CUS)

CUS-W001Central Office Custodian Work Instructions 03/19/2009

Grants (GRT)

GRT-F002Afterschool Purchase Requisition 09/07/2012
GRT-F003Grant Routing Form10/17/2023
GRT-G001Uniform Grants Guidance09/01/2023
GRT-P002Grant Opportunities10/17/2023
GRT-P003Grant Proposal and Application10/17/2023
GRT-P004Grant Post-Award10/17/2023

Individual School Accounts (ISA)

ISA-A001Student Activities Fund Management08/10/2004
ISA-A002Fundraising and Other Resale Activity07/24/2023
ISA-F003Purchase Request Form (School)08/03/2020
ISA-F004Ticket Accountability Form 05/18/2004
ISA-F005Ticket Reconcilement 03/15/2012
ISA-F007Vendor Justification 08/03/2020
ISA-F008Fundraiser Authorization 06/20/2023
ISA-F011Request for Camp Approval Form 08/03/2022
ISA-F012Camp Financial Report 08/17/2022
ISA-F013Employee Purchasing Agreement 02/23/2021
ISA-F015Check Request for Preauthorized Purchase using Board Funds07/30/2013
ISA-F018ASchool Activity Fund Fundraiser Profit Analysis - Resale Fundraiser07/02/2021
ISA-F018BSchool Activity Fund Fundraiser Profit Analysis - Donation or Non-Resale Fundraisers07/02/2021
ISA-F018CSchool Activity Fund Fundraiser Profit Analysis - Concessions07/02/2021
ISA-F019School Activity Fund Fundraiser Summary Report07/02/2021
ISA-F020Log of School Gift Cards and Certificates Received or Purchased by School08/03/2022
ISA-F021Student Gift Card Detail Log04/29/2022
ISA-F022Guideline Request for Use of Non-Educational Fundraiser Funds07/24/2023
ISA-G001Procurement Card Guidelines 11/01/2011
ISA-P001Purchasing and Payment 08/09/2013
ISA-P002Ticket Ordering and Reconciliation 02/17/2014
ISA-P003Receiving and Accounting for Funds Within Classrooms 07/01/2021
ISA-P004Accounting for Funds Received at the School Office 07/01/2021
ISA-P005Board Fund Purchases from Vendors that do not accept Purchase Orders04/08/2016
ISA-P006Online Fundraising Procedure08/21/2020
ISA-P007ISA Student Fundraising and Other Resale Activities Procedure07/02/2021
ISA-P008Fundraising for Non-Educational Purposes07/24/2023
ISA-W001Preparing Deposits and Handling NSF Checks05/29/2009
ISA-W002End of the Month Closing and Reporting05/29/2009
ISA-W003Instructions for Voiding, Stopping Payment, or Writing Off Old Checks05/29/2009
ISA-W004Instructions for Recording Journal Adjustments05/29/2009
ISA-W006Procurement Card Uses05/29/2009

Inventory Control (INV)

INV-A002Surplus Property08/12/2019
INV-F004Material Transfer Form 09/24/2019
INV-F005Room Inventory 04/13/2012
INV-F006Inventory Control Equipment Acquisition (NDL)05/17/2016
INV-F010Student Instrument Loan Agreement 08/09/2005
INV-F011CMCSS Bar Codes Log 05/09/2022
INV-G001Inventory Guidelines09/12/2023
INV-P001Property Inventory Control 06/05/2023
INV-P002Surplus Property 06/05/2023
INV-P003Material Transfer 06/05/2023
INV-P004Student Instrument and Employee Computer Equipment Checkout 09/12/2005
INV-P005Inventory Control Procedure for Mass Equipment Receipt 03/06/2019
INV-W001Work Instruction for Completing Mass Equipment Receipt Form (INV-F012) 03/09/2010

Payroll (PAY)

PAY-A001Payday Schedules04/08/2019
PAY-A002Salary Deductions10/26/2015
PAY-A003Salary Deduction of Labor Union Dues05/18/2015
PAY-A004Method of Payment of Salaries to Employees04/27/2015
PAY-F001Timesheet 08/18/2015
PAY-F005Bus Drivers Timesheet 05/08/2006
PAY-F006Direct Deposit Authorization 11/10/2016
PAY-F009Garnishment Worksheet08/05/2008
PAY-F012Supplemental Pay 10/17/2017
PAY-F017Purchase Personal Leave Form 10/18/2018
PAY-F018Bereavement Form 05/06/2019
PAY-F019Direct Deposit Notification Authorization 06/15/2009
PAY-F021Personal Leave for In-Service Credit 02/06/2018
PAY-F022Employee Commuting Statement 03/18/2013
PAY-F023Substitute Timecard09/19/2014
PAY-F024Cancel Payroll Deduction08/28/2017
PAY-F025IRS Consent Form11/02/2018
PAY-F026Legislative Leave Payroll Form11/26/2018
PAY-F027Maximum Vacation Accumulation Limit Request05/26/2021
PAY-F028Certified Timesheet - Extra Pay for Early or Late Bus Monitoring08/18/2022
PAY-F029Classified Timesheet - Extra Pay for Early or Late Bus Monitoring08/18/2022
PAY-F030Classified Timesheet for Extra Duty Assignments02/03/2023
PAY-P001Hourly Employee Payroll 04/01/2019
PAY-P003Salaried Employee Payroll 04/01/2019
PAY-P004Personnel Actions Verification 10/30/2006
PAY-P005Direct Deposit 10/30/2006
PAY-P006Garnishment of Employee Wages 10/30/2006
PAY-P007Overtime/Compensatory Pay 09/11/2017
PAY-P008Classified Employee Labor Union Dues 04/01/2019
PAY-P009Researching Payroll Data 11/13/2008
PAY-P010Stop Payment Procedure08/28/2017

Purchasing (PUR)

PUR-A002Sales Calls and Demonstrations08/10/2004
PUR-A003Procurement Card11/12/2018
PUR-A004Equipment Purchase10/01/2018
PUR-F006Bidder Information Request Form 11/22/2011
PUR-F006AItems Bid 08/02/2006
PUR-F008Warehouse Reconciliation 01/04/2003
PUR-F009Nonconforming Products and/or Services 05/15/2009
PUR-F011CMCSS Bid Request Form 07/05/2017
PUR-F012Procurement Card Privileges Employee Agreement (ISA Accounts) 10/31/2011
PUR-F013Procurement Card Privileges Employee Agreement (School Board Accounts) 10/31/2011
PUR-F015Procurement Card Log 05/23/2022
PUR-F018Conflict of Interest Declaration10/30/2015
PUR-F019Iran Divestment Act02/20/2018
PUR-F020Drug and Alcohol Testing Affidavit02/20/2018
PUR-F021Purchasing Card Abuse Notification Form11/12/2018
PUR-F022New Procurement Card Request12/06/2023
PUR-F023Credit Card Limit Increase12/06/2023
PUR-G001General Bid Requirements08/09/2012
PUR-G002Guidelines for the Implementation of Purchasing Policy 09/01/2023
PUR-P001Service Contracts 03/14/2003
PUR-P002Purchase Order 02/10/2023
PUR-P003Managing Warehouse Stores Inventory 03/05/2013
PUR-P004Formal Bid Procedure09/25/2018
PUR-P005Stores Warehouse Requisition 04/13/2006
PUR-P006Selection, Evaluation & Re-evaluation of Vendors 03/24/2023
PUR-P007Procurement Card Purchasing 09/01/2023
PUR-P008Purchasing Accountable Items 03/07/2022
PUR-P009Informal Bids Procedure11/20/2020
PUR-W001To Convert Approved Requisitions to PO 10/31/2011
PUR-W002Requisition Entry 10/29/2018
PUR-W003How to Post Purchase Orders to the System 03/04/2010
PUR-W004How to Print Purchase Orders 03/04/2010
PUR-W005How to Enter a Purchase Requisition 06/28/2010

Textbooks (TXB)

TXB-A001Textbook Distribution09/14/2011
TXB-F003Textbook Return Form 03/02/2006
TXB-F005Textbook Delivery Form05/04/2009
TXB-F006Textbook Exchange Form 05/04/2009
TXB-P001Pur/DisTxbooks Under Current Adoption 10/09/2012
TXB-P002Requesting Textbooks/Materials 10/17/2012
TXB-P003Returning Txbooks/Materials Currently In Adop. 10/17/2012
TXB-P004Discarding Out Of Adoption Textbooks 10/09/2012
TXB-P005Textbook Year-End Inventory 10/17/2012

Textbook Distribution Center (TDC)

TDC-W001Opening the Textbook Distribution Center 02/05/2009
TDC-W002Pull Pick Tickets 02/05/2009
TDC-W003Inventory Cycle Count 02/05/2009
TDC-W004Item Re-Order Report 02/05/2009
TDC-W005Approving and/or Correcting Time and Attendance in Kronos 02/05/2009

External Documents

Business (BUS)

W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification12/14/2020
W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate12/14/2020
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