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Academies (ACA)

ACA-F001CMCSS High School Academy Application for Incoming Freshman01/02/2020
ACA-F003Transportation Request Form for High School Academies 05/06/2019
ACA-F006Academy FAQs01/02/2020

Adult Education (AED)

Alternative School (ALT)

Career Technical Education (CTE)


Curriculum (CUR)

CUR-F016District Assessments Data Reporting09/23/2015
CUR-F017District Assessment Confidentiality Form09/23/2015
CUR-F018District Assessments Writing and Revision09/23/2015
CUR-F019District Curriculum Writing and Revision09/23/2015
CUR-F020District Confidentiality Form04/06/2017
CUR-F021Blended Learning Rubric12/11/2019
CUR-G001Assessment Writing QFIC Guide06/13/2016
CUR-G002Teacher Collaboration QFIC Guide08/20/2019
CUR-P001Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) Cadet Uniform Management and Debt Collection07/26/2017

Elementary (ELS)

ELS-F001Registration Form K-5 09/09/2020
ELS-F001 (SP)Registration Form K-5 (Spanish)03/01/2018
ELS-F007Emergency/Personnel Information06/21/2013
ELS-F010Kindergarten Questionnaire05/23/2019
ELS-F0292019-2020 Kindergarten Progress Report 09/09/2020
ELS-F033Elementary School Supply List05/02/2016
ELS-F037Moore Magnet Application01/10/2019
ELS-M0012019-2020 Elementary Handbook08/01/2019

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL-F023ESL Program Eligibility Determination10/12/2016
ESL-F023 (SP)ESL Program Eligibility Determination (Spanish)10/12/2016
ESL-F028English Language Learner Program Recommendation During Transition 02/25/2013
ESL-F028 (SP)English Language Learner Program Recommendation During Transition (Spanish)02/25/2013
ESL-F029Parent Request to Waive ESL Services10/12/2016
ESL-F029 (SP)Parent Request to Waive ESL Services (Spanish)10/12/2016
ESL-F035Appropriateness for English Language Assessment of Adopted Child07/24/2014
ESL-G001ESL Program Definitions, Forms, and Procedures Guide10/12/2016
ESL-G003ESL Student Plans and Grading10/12/2016
ESL-G004Registration of CMCSS ESL Students10/12/2016
ESL-G005Reclassification Guide for Students Under Special Circumstances12/04/2017

Guidance Department (GUI)

GUI-F001Additional Documents for Entering High School Students06/05/2019
GUI-P001Guidance Dept. Creation/Maintenance of Student Records 10/11/2013
GUI-P002Preparation of Student Records for Storage/Transfer 02/01/2019
GUI-P003CMCSS Students Participating in Foreign Exchange Program 06/29/2018

High School (HIS)

HIS-F004Registration Form 9-12 09/09/2020
HIS-F004 (SP)Student Registration Form (9-12) Spanish03/01/2018
HIS-F007Authorized Student Expenditures - High 02/21/2017
HIS-F007A2017-2018 Authorized Student Expenditures High School (Spanish)02/21/2017
HIS-F015IDS Out of Zone12/09/2016
HIS-F019Teacher Recommendation Form01/24/2018
HIS-F020Middle College Application01/07/2020
HIS-F021NSCC Application01/09/2019
HIS-F022TCAT Application01/09/2019
HIS-F024JROTC Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement09/04/2019

Instruction (INS)

FPC-F001Purchase Order Request/Quote06/02/2020
FPC-F002Private School Professional Leave Request06/02/2020
FPC-F003Private School Professional Leave Reimbursement06/02/2020
FPC-F004Traveler's Information08/12/2016
FPC-F005Documentation of Independent Student Status for FAFSA03/21/2017
FPC-F006Families in Transition Affidavit06/07/2019
FPC-F008CMCSS Families in Transition Questionnaire06/07/2019
FPC-F008_SpanishCMCSS Families in Transition Questionnaire_Spanish06/07/2019
FPC-F009Fostering Connections Questionnaire06/07/2019
FPD-F002Private School Professional Leave Form08/12/2016
INS-A001Emergency Information01/17/2005
INS-A002Field Trips and Excursions10/10/2013
INS-A003Flag Displays12/15/2014
INS-A004School Improvement Planning04/04/2016
INS-A005Interscholastic Athletics02/11/2019
INS-A006Career-Technical Education07/23/2018
INS-A007Career-Technical Work Experiences11/06/2014
INS-A008Teacher Effect Data/Value Added Policy07/30/2018
INS-A009Standardized Assessment Programs11/23/2015
INS-A010School Year07/11/2005
INS-A011Length of School Day07/28/2014
INS-A012Student Publications and Distribution of Literature10/15/2018
INS-A013Distribution and Care of Library Books and Other Materials and Equipment09/17/2018
INS-A014Lesson Plans01/07/2013
INS-A015Family Engagement05/10/2010
INS-A016Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying09/06/2016
INS-A018School Libraries04/19/2010
INS-A020Assignment of Students to Classes10/01/2012
INS-A021Advanced Placement and Honors Programs12/03/2019
INS-A022Advanced Level Diploma Programs12/03/2019
INS-A023Grading System Policy07/29/2019
INS-A024Promotion and Retention08/19/2019
INS-A025Semester Examinations10/01/2012
INS-A026Graduation Requirements02/02/2015
INS-A027Graduation Participation04/02/2018
INS-A028Early Graduation05/01/2018
INS-A029Class Rankings07/23/2018
INS-A030Selection of Valedictorian07/23/2018
INS-A031Dual Enrollment06/08/2015
INS-A032Student Observations05/02/2011
INS-A033CMCSS Students Participating in Foreign Exchange Programs06/13/2011
INS-A037Special Transfer Request09/11/2017
INS-A040Supervision of Students10/01/2012
INS-A044Children and Youth in Transition (Homeless)04/30/2012
INS-A046Internet Safety and Technology Education03/24/2014
INS-A047Outside Service Providers11/07/2017
INS-A048Special Education Placement11/08/2010
INS-A049Confidentiality for State Assessments11/23/2015
INS-A050Service Animal Policy10/17/2016
INS-A051Physical Intervention for Students Receiving Special Education Services12/17/2019
INS-A060Middle School Algebra I Examination Policy06/13/2011
INS-A061Curriculum Policy06/27/2016
INS-A063Release of Students to Persons Exhibiting Risky Behavior02/01/2016
INS-A064Restraint of Students Using Reasonable Force12/17/2019
INS-A065Safe Relocation of Students09/17/2018
INS-A067Section 504 Administrative Policy10/28/2019
INS-A070Ownership of Student Created Work07/01/2014
INS-A072Mentoring For Newly-Hired Teachers05/23/2016
INS-A073Parent/Legal Guardian Review of Instructional Materials03/02/2015
INS-A075Suicide Prevention07/08/2019
INS-A076Kindergarten Entry08/08/2016
INS-A077Credit Recovery11/07/2016
INS-A078High School Volunteer Hours Recognition11/07/2016
INS-A079Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) Cadet Uniform Management and Debt Collection08/07/2017
INS-A080Students Residing on Ft. Campbell 09/25/2017
INS-A081Planning Time and Duty Free Lunch07/01/2018
INS-A083Student Discipline Policy04/23/2018
INS-A084Release Time for Religious or Moral Instruction09/08/2020
INS-A085Reporting Suspected Child Abuse07/29/2019
INS-A086Accommodating Department of Children's Services Investigations05/30/2017
INS-F002Sign In/Sign Out Sheet08/06/2019
INS-F004Emergency Information 09/09/2020
INS-F004 (SP)Emergency Information (Spanish)05/04/2017
INS-F006Visitors Sign In/Sign Out Sheet06/18/2014
INS-F013Outstanding Fees Notice03/19/2018
INS-F028Request for Field Trips/Excursions 08/15/2019
INS-F029Extended Contract Program Description 04/17/2013
INS-F030Adminstrator Extended Contract Plan of Intent 04/17/2013
INS-F031Extended Contract Timesheet 04/17/2013
INS-F032Extended Contract Program Student Evaluation Data 04/17/2013
INS-F033Extended Contract Program Evaluation Summary 04/17/2013
INS-F035Principals Action Plan 06/04/2015
INS-F036Extended Contract Student Roster 04/17/2013
INS-F038Health Program Teacher Letter for BMI Notification 12/01/2007
INS-F043YRBS Parental Permission Form 01/28/2008
INS-F044Video and Film Usage Parental Consent Form 06/24/2008
INS-F045Film/Video Usage Approval Form 06/24/2008
INS-F047Representative Information List 07/23/2018
INS-F048Physical Education Equivalency Verification 01/02/2018
INS-F049Student Observation Request 04/18/2011
INS-F089Admin Checklist for Remandment to Alternative School 10/08/2020
INS-F095Professional Learning Plan 10/18/2011
INS-F096Classroom Snapshot Observation Checklist 10/03/2013
INS-F097Read Well Kindergarten 11/07/2011
INS-F098Read Well First and Second Grade 11/07/2011
INS-F099Professional Learning Plan 05/17/2012
INS-F100Safe Relocation of Students 12/03/2012
INS-F101Yearly Bullying Report 10/06/2017
INS-F109School Improvement Plan09/16/2013
INS-F110Title II-A Plan09/06/2013
INS-F111Bullying and Harassment Incident Reporting and Investigation02/03/2020
INS-F113Request for Review of Apps03/24/2014
INS-F114CMCSS Student Direct Observation Rubric07/18/2014
INS-F115CMCSS RTI Record07/25/2016
INS-F116CMCSS RTI Fidelity Record07/25/2016
INS-F117Mathematic Textbook Adoption Committee Parent Form01/09/2015
INS-F118Parent/Legal Guardian Request to Review Materials Form03/02/2015
INS-F119Enrollment Notice - Students transferring from another U.S. school04/19/2018
INS-F119ALetter to Parents - Registration data needed05/10/2016
INS-F120Enrollment Requirements - First time enrollment in public school04/19/2018
INS-F121Primary Home Language Survey05/06/2015
INS-F121APrimary Home Language Survey (Spanish)05/06/2015
INS-F123Professional Development Series Exit Ticket08/26/2015
INS-F124Related Arts Lead Teacher Pilot Hours04/12/2016
INS-F127RLA Lead Teacher Application04/19/2016
INS-F1282017-2018 Student Expenditures Grade K-802/21/2017
INS-F128A2017-2018 Student Expenditures Grade K-8 (Spanish)02/21/2017
INS-F129Service Animal Request Form10/13/2016
INS-F130CMCSS Coach Training Record10/11/2016
INS-F131High School Volunteer Hours Recognition Form11/10/2016
INS-F132C3 Robotics Support Coordinator Application08/14/2017
INS-F133Ft. Campbell Student Enrollment Request09/25/2017
INS-F134Spanish Immersion Application01/08/2019
INS-F135Points Notification (print)07/31/2018
INS-F135_fillablePoints Notification (fillable)07/31/2018
INS-F136Parent Permission Form for Released Time Classes for Religious or Moral Instruction09/07/2020
INS-F137JROTC Homeschool Application09/18/2020
INS-F138Special Request for Enrollment Change09/24/2020
INS-F139Child Protective Services Intake Report Online Referral07/15/2019
INS-F140DCS Referral Form07/17/2019
INS-F141Privacy Release and Consent Form for Virtual/Remote Instruction10/01/2020
INS-G001TEAM Post Conference Plan 07/18/2011
INS-G002Tennessee Educator Accelerator Model 07/18/2011
INS-G003TEAM Pre Conference Guide 07/18/2011
INS-G004Use of Reasonable Force in Restraint of Students - Training Guide 07/10/2018
INS-G005CMCSS Grade Conversion Chart 11/28/2012
INS-G006Mobile Crisis Referral08/08/2019
INS-G007Monitoring Evaluation Guide07/29/2015
INS-G008Explicit Instruction Quick Reference Guide08/31/2017
INS-G009Explicit Instruction Model08/31/2017
INS-G010Explicit Instruction Responsibilities08/31/2017
INS-G012Registration Guide07/01/2019
INS-G013Suicide Prevention Quick Reference Guide05/12/2017
INS-G015Suicide Postvention Guide07/01/2019
INS-G016Reporting Suspected Child Abuse08/11/2020
INS-G017Training Guidelines for Accommodating DCS Investigations07/16/2019
INS-M002Student Laptop Handbook and Agreement08/10/2020
INS-M003CMCSS K-12 Virtual Student-Parent Handbook10/09/2020
INS-P001Textbook Adoption 01/08/2015
INS-P002Establishing A School Improvement Plan 06/11/2010
INS-P003Curriculum Development, Evaluation and Revision 04/29/2009
INS-P004Federal Entitlement Budget 04/21/2009
INS-P005Emergency Information 10/17/2012
INS-P006Medical Emergencies 11/08/2017
INS-P007Request for Permission for Field Trips 03/18/2019
INS-P008Request for Permission for Excursion Trips 03/18/2019
INS-P009Display of Flags 12/11/2014
INS-P010Obtaining Chartered Transportation 06/21/2010
INS-P011Teacher Effect Data/Value Added 08/09/2018
INS-P012Cosmetology & Automotive Student Live Work 11/06/2014
INS-P014Approval of Request to Conduct Research 02/14/2019
INS-P014 Attachment AA Handbook for Research Procedures02/14/2019
INS-P015Special Course Application Procedure 07/07/2008
INS-P016Staffing Adjustment 01/10/2006
INS-P017Early Graduation 09/25/2012
INS-P019Dual/Joint Enrollment 12/03/2019
INS-P020Instructional and Non-Instructional Use of Videos and Films Procedure 06/24/2008
INS-P021Elementary School Dismissal 03/08/2018
INS-P022Elementary Level Promotion and Retention 05/03/2019
INS-P023Student Observation Request 04/18/2011
INS-P024Use of Reasonable Force in Restraint of Students 12/17/2019
INS-P025Safe Relocation of Students 07/01/2013
INS-P027Section 504 Grievance Procedure10/31/2017
INS-P028CMCSS School Improvement Plan Procedure07/29/2013
INS-P029Reporting Bullying Related Acts11/03/2016
INS-P030Investigating Bullying Related Acts10/26/2016
INS-P031Textbook Adoption Committee - Parent Participation Procedure01/08/2015
INS-P033Suicide Prevention01/10/2017
INS-P034Service Animals01/25/2017
INS-P035Credit Recovery Procedure06/26/2019
INS-P036High School Volunteer Hours Recognition Procedure11/07/2016
INS-P038Enrolling Homeschooled Students in JROTC09/18/2020
INS-P039Procedure for Requesting an Enrollment Status Change09/24/2020
INS-P040Reporting Suspected Child Abuse08/11/2020
INS-P041Accommodating DCS Investigations Procedure05/26/2020
INS-W001TripPlanner Instructions 06/03/2013
INS-W002Alternative School Testing Work Instructions10/21/2014
INS-W003Sending Cumulative Records from Elementary to Middle School09/08/2020
INS-W004Sending Cumulative Records from Middle to High School09/08/2020

Middle School (MIS)

MIS-F002Registration Form 6-8 09/09/2020
MIS-F002 (SP)Registration Form 6-8 (Spanish)03/01/2018
MIS-F007Office Discipline Referral (Rossview MS)08/09/2017
MIS-F014RoMS Behavior Notification06/24/2015
MIS-F015Jr. Robotics Camp Application03/09/2017

Professional Development (PRD)

PRD-A002Induction for Newly Hired Teachers04/17/2017
PRD-F001Plan Course Creation Template 08/30/2016
PRD-F005Custom Professional Learning Activity Approval Form10/03/2018
PRD-F008Custodial Training Record Level I and Level II01/22/2007
PRD-F013Mentor Assignments for Newly Hired Teachers 04/07/2017
PRD-F014Contractor/Consultant Invoice 04/11/2019
PRD-F019PLAN Participant Roster, Gifted Team 09/17/2020
PRD-F020PLAN Participant Roster, School Improvement Plan09/17/2020
PRD-F021PLAN Participant Roster, 504 Team 09/17/2020
PRD-F022PLAN Participant Roster, Support Team 09/17/2020
PRD-F027Stipend Payment Request06/13/2016
PRD-F029Advanced Leadership Training for Assistant Principals – Bridge to Practice Reflection08/28/2014
PRD-F030Private School PL Request Form - Attendance Record09/30/2020
PRD-F031Private School PL Attendance Record09/30/2020
PRD-F037Online Professional Learning Project Request09/07/2017
PRD-F038Classified Staff Compensatory Time Approval09/13/2017
PRD-F039PLA Sign-In Sheet11/01/2017
PRD-G003PLAN Course and Class Creation Flow10/24/2018
PRD-G004Professional Learning Activities Stipend Guidelines05/26/2016
PRD-G005In-Service Participation Options While on Leave of Absence or FMLA08/10/2018
PRD-G006Classified Staff Training Guidelines09/21/2018
PRD-P001In-Service Requirements 09/30/2019
PRD-P003In-Service Cancellation Past Withdrawal Deadline Procedure 02/01/2018
PRD-P005Certified Teacher Induction Procedure04/16/2020
PRD-P007Non-Public School Professional Learning Requests09/30/2020
PRD-P009In-Service Hours Reporting03/13/2019
PRD-P010Professional Learning Requiring a Substitute10/21/2019
PRD-W001Instructions for Accessing Online Classes on PLAN11/14/2019

Psychological Services (PSY)

Special Education (SPE)

SPE-F003Special Needs & PreK Accountability Form 07/06/2012
SPE-F004Weekly Bus Log 04/04/2005
SPE-F007Life Skills Report to Parents 10/14/2005
SPE-F008IEP Goals Sheet Report of Progress 10/20/2005
SPE-F011Referral for Services 02/06/2009
SPE-F012Vision Services Referral Information 02/06/2009
SPE-F013Physical Therapy Referral Information 02/06/2009
SPE-F014Occupational Therapy Referral Information 02/06/2009
SPE-F015Student Invitation to Participate in the IEP Meeting 03/06/2009
SPE-F016Consent to Invite an Outside Agency 03/06/2009
SPE-F018Behavior Consult Log 02/27/2013
SPE-F019Certification/Assurance 04/08/2013
SPE-F020Confidentiality Statement for Outside Service Providers10/28/2013
SPE-F021Parent, Service Provider Request for Outside Service Provider01/23/2014
SPE-F022Liability Statement for Outside Service Providers01/23/2014
SPE-F023Agreement Between Outside Service Provider Agency and CMCSS05/12/2014
SPE-F025Assistive Technology Referral Form07/15/2016
SPE-F026LRE Committee Referral Form for Synergy/EBS07/25/2019
SPE-F027Extended Behavioral Support Program Referral Form09/14/2016
SPE-F029LRE Committee Referral Form Return to HZS07/25/2019
SPE-G001Assistive Technology Consideration Process07/15/2016
SPE-P001Special Education In-State Transfers Procedure 11/09/2010
SPE-P002Special Education Out of State Transfer Procedure 11/09/2010
SPE-P003Special Education Change of Placement 09/15/2020
SPE-P004Maintenance of Records for Contractually Placed Students 11/10/2010
SPE-P005Parent Request For Evaluation 09/04/2014
SPE-P006Physical Intervention Procedure 08/27/2020
SPE-P007Special Education Records Procedure 09/15/2016
SPE-P009Outside Service Provider Agency and Employees01/23/2014
SPE-P010Students Referred to the Synergy Program07/25/2019
SPE-P011Extended Behavioral Support Program Procedure07/25/2019
SPE-P014Teacher and/or Substitute Access to Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) Procedure12/12/2019

Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM)

Testing (TST)

TST-P001Academic Testing 01/09/2016
TST-P002Test Results Assessment 08/29/2019

The Learning Center (TLC)

TLC-F001Referral Form From Parent Services for Elementary Students 10/17/2012
TLC-F001AReferral Form From Parent Services for Elementary Students (Spanish) 10/17/2012
TLC-F002Patron Registration Form 10/17/2012

TN Lead (TNL)

Virtual High School (VHS)

VHS-F001Virtual High School Application 10/03/2019
VHS-F002VHS Early Graduation Request12/16/2013
VHS-P001VHS Application and Enrollment Procedure for Current High School Students12/16/2013
VHS-P002VHS Application and Enrollment Procedure for 5th Year Out of District Students12/16/2013


PK-G001General Blended Pre-K Handbook 2019-202007/02/2019
PK-G002CMCSS Employees Blended Pre-K Handbook 2019-202007/02/2019
VPK-F001Parent Sign Off Packet07/16/2018
VPK-M001Pre-K Handbook10/07/2016

Federal Projects (FPC)

External Documents

Elementary (ELS)

Pre-K Questionnaire03/01/2017
Pre-K Application03/01/2018
Pre-K Application (Spanish)03/01/2018

Instruction (INS)

Tennessee Notice of Intent to Home School09/01/2012
100% Graduation Contract
Social and Emotional Learning PowerPoint
ESSA Plan Ppt
Standards Based Grading
Work Ethic Distinction Rubric
10 Point Grade Scale
Teacher Pipeline Ppt
Assessment Updates

Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM)

Administrator Eval Rubric03/04/2014
Library Media Specialist Rubric03/04/2014
School Services Personnel Rubric03/04/2014
Professionalism Rubric12/12/2019
General Educator Rubric12/12/2019

Federal Projects (FPC)

Tennessee Parent Occupational Survey (English)
Tennessee Parent Occupational Survey (Spanish) Encuesta Ocupacional de Tennessee