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Elementary School Rezoning Information (2024-2026)

This page will be continuously updated with information throughout the rezoning process.

Why Rezoning? Growth in CMCSS.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. With the opening of new schools and continued growth in Clarksville-Montgomery County, elementary redistricting is unavoidable.

Important Facts to Know

  • CMCSS has a 30-year average growth of 677 new students every year.
  • Current enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is 39,400 students, with over 600 more students than last school year.
  • Kirkwood Elementary School is on track to open in August 2024. 
  • The School Board and Montgomery County Commission recently approved a resolution for CMCSS’ 26th elementary school in Region 2, which is projected to open in August 2026. 
  • 85% capacity of a school is a KPI indicator. This allows for flexibility in programming and extracurricular opportunities.
  • The goal of CMCSS is to not rely on portables as a permanent solution. 

Final Rezoning Plan

Rezoning Plan Presentation

Click here to view a PDF of the final rezoning presentation.

Interactive Zoning Map

Enter your address and find your school zone(s).

Click here to view an interactive map, generously provided by the APSU GIS Office. This interactive map allows you to search for a specific address to learn more about the proposed zoning changes for that address. 

Zoning Maps

2024-2025 (Phase 1)

2026-2027 (Phase 2)

Innovation with Burt and St. Bethlehem

Burt Elementary (3-5) and St. Bethlehem (PK-2) are two separate schools that have served the same zone that stretches approximately 6 miles east/west and 5.7 miles north/south for over two decades. Burt and St. Bethlehem are around 5 miles from each other, with a commute of approximately 15-20 minutes during peak times. Over the past several years, the expansive zone and split school configuration have presented several logistical challenges, especially for families who choose for their children to be car riders. Recently, additional challenges have arisen for Burt with parent/guardian and visitor parking and bus drop off/pick up due to expansion and changes at Austin Peay State University.

For over two decades, CMCSS leadership has discussed innovation for the Burt/St. Bethlehem zone. With the addition of CMCSS’ 25th elementary school in 2024 and 26th elementary school in 2026 and the comprehensive elementary rezoning, leadership strongly believes now is a critical time to improve educational services for families in the existing Burt/St. B zone and across the district.

Plans for Burt

Burt has a rich history in Clarksville-Montgomery County, opening in 1952 as a segregated high school for African-American students. In 1970, it was changed to an integrated 7th-grade school, and later became an elementary school in 1980. The namesake of the school is Dr. Robert Tecumseh Burt, a historic figure in our community who was born the son of freed slaves. Dr. Burt graduated from Meharry Medical College with honors and opened Clarksville’s first hospital in 1906. Dr. Burt is remembered as a skilled surgeon who was ahead of his time and a public leader.

To continue honoring Dr. Burt’s legacy and the history of the school, CMCSS plans to transition the school to a center for innovative high school models, including being the new home of Middle College at APSU, while retaining the Burt name.

Plans for St. Bethlehem

CMCSS has continued to expand its Pre-K offerings across the district to provide more students with the early learning needed to prepare them for their future. Currently, there are 50 Pre-K classrooms across the district, with some buildings having as many as 4 Pre-K classrooms. Nationally, several school districts establish Pre-K or Early Learning Centers to streamline resources and support. St. Bethlehem provides a prime, central location and an optimal facility for CMCSS to develop its first-ever Early Learning Center.

The plan is to develop a hub-and-spoke model, with the majority of Pre-K programs moving to the St. Bethlehem Early Learning Center while still providing Pre-K programs at a few select satellite locations to serve students who are not within a feasible distance from St. Bethlehem. This new model will allow CMCSS to refine and streamline services, resources, support, and training for VPK and DPK classes. Additionally, moving Pre-K classes out of the majority of schools will shift capacity at those buildings to allow the District to reevaluate zone lines to maximize the district’s rezoning goals and improve services for families.

Navigating the Changes

Welcome to a new school!

Although redistricting is unavoidable for our growing community, we understand that this process and the uncertainty of changing zone lines can be difficult for some families. As with the middle and high school rezonings in 2022-23 and 2023-24, the elementary rezoning is comprehensive and touches most of our community, with changes proposed to over 20 elementary school zones. CMCSS strives to provide high-quality education and welcoming environments at all of our schools. Our faculty, staff, and administrators look forward to welcoming your child! We encourage you to check out the school websites and profile videos below to learn more about each school included in the rezoning plan.

Barksdale | website | profile video

Barkers Mill | website | profile video

Byrns Darden | website | profile video

Carmel | website | profile video

East Montgomery | website | profile video

Glenellen | website | profile video

Hazelwood | website | profile video

Kenwood | website | profile video


Liberty | website | profile video

Minglewood | website | profile video

Moore Magnet | website | profile video

Norman Smith | website | profile video

Northeast | website | profile video

Oakland | website | profile video

Pisgah | website | profile video

Ringgold | website | profile video

Rossview | website | profile video

Sango | website | profile video

West Creek | website | profile video

Woodlawn | website | profile video

FAQ - Rezoning Opt Out

The approved elementary rezoning plan does not include an opt-out process. Historically, CMCSS has not had an opt-out plan for elementary rezoning. There have been accommodations in the past for select grade levels at the middle school and high school level due to specialized academic programming, state-sanctioned athletics, arts programs, etc. In CMCSS, Pk-5 curriculum is streamlined across all schools, except for open-enrollment special programs that are not impacted by rezoning.

The rezoning plan seeks to relieve overcrowding at schools, establish enrollment zones for new schools, and better balance capacities across the district. Because of the intricacies of a two-phase rezoning plan and the opening of two new schools over the next three years, rezoning opt-outs would delay the relief for overcrowding and in many circumstances could compound overcrowding since it is not predictable which families would opt out or not as students move in and out of new zones. Additionally, there are always increased staffing costs to accommodate rezoning opt-outs as new schools will still have to establish a core staff while additional teachers would need to be hired wherever student enrollment remains high to balance class sizes. With the middle and high school rezoning opt-out process, this was estimated to cost a few extra million dollars in staffing to accommodate opt-outs.

We understand that this process and the uncertainty of changing zone lines can be difficult for some families. CMCSS strives to provide high-quality education and welcoming environments at all of our schools. Our faculty, staff, and administrators look forward to welcoming children to their new school and ensuring a smooth transition. CMCSS does have a long-standing Special Transfer Request process, and families who qualify could apply for that from March 1 through April 30 or June 15 through July 22.

Rezoning Process

CMCSS is working with RSP & Associates, a consulting firm with expertise in school system rezoning that assisted with the recent district-wide middle and high school rezoning. (view the Middle and High School zoning map here)

In collaboration with RSP & Associates and community stakeholders, the CMCSS Zoning Project Team is studying and evaluating existing school zones and building capacities to identify opportunities to better serve students, per the district’s Zoning Procedure (OPS-P017). The following criteria guide the team’s work:

  • Rezone as few students as possible
  • Proximity of students to existing schools
  • Transport students the least distance possible
  • Equitable distribution of resources according to the learning needs of all students
  • Enrollment capacity of existing schools
  • Consideration of free and reduced lunch status (socioeconomics)
  • Allow for future growth where possible (based upon Regional Planning Commission lot and permit data)



  • August – October: RSP & Associates collaborates with the CMCSS Operations Department and District leaders, city and county government and planning officials, and other key stakeholders to develop proposed rezoning plans.
  • November: Proposed rezoning plans presented to the community
  • November – December: Feedback collected from stakeholders on the proposed rezoning plans and adjustments made as necessary


  • January 2: Formal School Board Public Hearing on final rezoning proposal
  • January 22: School Board votes on final rezoning proposal
  • August 2024: Elementary rezoning Phase 1 implemented with the opening of Kirkwood Elementary School


  • August 2026: Elementary rezoning Phase 2 implemented with the opening of the 26th elementary school 

Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities

Informal Public Meetings

Tuesday, November 14 at 6 p.m. – Virtual Public Meeting

Thursday, November 16 at 6 p.m. – Virtual Public Meeting

Monday, November 27 at 6 p.m. – Virtual Public Meeting

Formal Public Hearing

Tuesday, January 2 at 6 p.m. – Formal School Board Public Hearing at Kirkwood High School in the auditorium.

Kirkwood Schools Complex

Kirkwood Middle opened for the 2022-23 school year, followed by Kirkwood High in 2023-24. Kirkwood Elementary is on track to open for the 2024-25 school year. With the Kirkwood schools’ openings and continued growth in Clarksville-Montgomery County, redistricting will be unavoidable. District leaders understand the uncertainty of zoning changes can be difficult for some families. The district is committed to engaging stakeholders throughout the process and will provide timely and transparent updates.