Logan Sykes & Gracey Suggs

October 7, 2020

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a conversation that CMCSS continues all school year. Two Montgomery Central High students, Logan Sykes and Gracey Suggs shared their thoughts on anti-bullying. Their message encourages CMCSS students and staff to be a positive force in the schools. Also, they urged classmates to stand against bullying with student-led initiatives. This year, schools will promote the “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” initiative.

Bullying can begin anywhere, at home, in a team environment, and, unfortunately, within a school. CMCSS district leaders continue to review and discuss bullying prevention topics within schools. However, the entire community needs to support the anti-bullying effort.

Logan Sykes, a junior at MCHS, spoke candidly about the existence of bullying. “It’s sad, but it’s true.” He was adamant that the student body can, and should, take a pro-active stance on anti-bullying even though teachers continue to have conversations with the student body. “Bullying prevention should be student-led,” he said.

Gracey Suggs, a sophomore at MCHS, agrees. “Students normally follow other students,” said Gracey and continued to explain that students should set the example for each other.

“Some students feel they’re not as worthy as other kids,” explained Gracey pointing to examples of different clothes, interests, or grades. Logan agreed, referencing situations that may occur in the lunchroom or classroom. When asked how students or parents could combat these feelings, Gracey encouraged them to remember, “You’re always worthy no matter what.”

Both students felt that even small steps made a difference in the effort to end bullying in schools. “Go out of your way to help others,” said Gracey. “A simple smile.” Logan agreed, “Just smile. Be kind.”