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Welcome, students!   

The 2022-2023 school year begins on Monday, August 8. Welcome to our young learners, who may be attending school for the first time! We look forward to a year of celebration, excitement, and courage. Together, we can support our students in creating a positive and uplifting environment!

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Career Ready: MCHS student finds a full-time career through specialized internship program

April 21st, 2021

For the past five years, the CMCSS Operations Department has partnered with Special Populations to create a specially designed internship program. The internship allows students in the CDC program, who are able and willing to work, an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be marketable in employment areas. 

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants

April 21st, 2021

There is little our administrative assistants cannot accomplish. Thank you for keeping our schools running smoothly, helping parents, students, and staff, at times simultaneously. We appreciate how you efficiently maintain CMCSS departments; we all rely on your organization! Thank you for answering the difficult questions, finding solutions, and tracking our success. Sometimes you are the first friendly face and calming voice for our stakeholders. What a difference your kindness makes. Thank you for answering the call and supporting our students and staff. Thank you to our Administrative Assistants, Bookkeepers, Office Assistants, Accounting, Business Office, Human Resources Departments, and more

Game on: WCHS senior turns video games into college scholarships

April 14th, 2021

A West Creek High senior learned his hobby could earn him thousands of dollars in college scholarship offers.