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Rowan Carey   |   NEHS

Rowan Carey stood in stunned silence after learning he won a new car at the 13th annual Wyatt Johnson Automotive Pass and Go event. Carey, a Northeast High School junior, was speechless after his key started the Hyundai Accent on Sat., Aug. 7.

bus driver

Thank You Student Transportation

September 15th, 2021

Safety and security are paramount to our Student Transportation Department. The drivers, dispatchers, and maintenance personnel understand their role extends far beyond daily transportation to and from school.

Thank you to the drivers and driver aides that step up each day and bring our students safely to and from school. You are the first friendly face in the morning and the last goodbye at the end of the day. Our gratitude stretches beyond the roads we travel. Please know your service means so much to our CMCSS families.