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Welcome, students!   

The 2022-2023 school year begins on Monday, August 8. Welcome to our young learners, who may be attending school for the first time! We look forward to a year of celebration, excitement, and courage. Together, we can support our students in creating a positive and uplifting environment!

Graduation 2019

Road to Graduation

October 28th, 2020

Receiving a high school diploma is not merely a culminating event; it opens the door to a lifetime of opportunity. For CMCSS, student success is a core foundation. “Earning a high school diploma can translate into success after graduation for our students,” said Christy Houston, principal of Montgomery Central High School. Each year, the high schools remain laser-focused on student achievement, and graduation is always a priority. The COVID-19 pandemic did not deter the mission, and CMCSS schools maintained some of the state’s highest graduation rates.  “We like to tell them that graduation is one of a very short list of things in life that you never get a second chance to complete,” added Dr. Schanda Doughty, principal of Rossview High School.  Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the events of 2020 in devastating ways. Seniors lost many end-of-year events and activities. However, the students and educators refused to let the pandemic slow academic progress. Working together in new and creative ways, CMCSS maintained a 94.3-percent graduation rate. This was down only one-tenth of a percentage point from the previous year. Comparatively, the state average dropped to 89.6% after a steady climb in the last decade.  “[The pandemic] didn’t change the focus, but it just simply changed the methods. Students were not in our buildings, so we had to rely on technology and parent and student contacts to ensure progress was being made, and follow up when it wasn’t,” said Houston.  There is a defining difference at CMCSS, a mentality rooted in the culture of the district. For over a decade, district leaders have focused on the relationship between student and school, understanding that achievement begins with relationships. This idea extends beyond the classroom to counselors, administrators, and community leaders. Student success is engrained in the psyche and now a way […]


Principals | Onsite team

October 22nd, 2020

October is the month to express our sincere gratitude to two groups of servant leaders: Principals and the Onsite team. “It’s not a job. We truly care. Education is the foundation for all of life’s successes.” October is National Principals Month and CMCSS is fortunate to have caring and compassionate leaders in our schools. These administrators work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards for our students and staff. The perception of a principal is often a mix of authority – who wants to be sent to the principal’s office? However, the role encompasses so many different needs. Thank you to our principals for serving as an emotional supporter, a tireless advocate of our educators, champion of our student successes, and partner of our stakeholders. Our principals have kept a positive momentum and encouraging spirit that is essential to thriving schools this year. Thank you, for being a true representation of servant leadership. Healthcare heroes have never been more important than in 2020. The team at Onsite is committed to keeping Montgomery County employees physically and emotionally healthy. When you’re feeling at your worst, this team of dedicated healthcare professionals is at their best. Providing top-rated medical attention at the clinics, Onsite employees consistently provide holistic care for CMCSS staff. From routine medical treatments to nutrition education, wellness programs to mental health support, the staff at Onsite leads with compassion and service above self. Thank you for always going above and beyond when we need it most. Our lives truly depend on you.

Logan & Gracey

Logan Sykes & Gracey Suggs

October 7th, 2020

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a conversation that CMCSS continues all school year. Two Montgomery Central High students, Logan Sykes and Gracey Suggs shared their thoughts on anti-bullying. Their message encourages CMCSS students and staff to be a positive force in the schools. Also, they urged classmates to stand against bullying with student-led initiatives. This year, schools will promote the “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” initiative. Bullying can begin anywhere, at home, in a team environment, and, unfortunately, within a school. CMCSS district leaders continue to review and discuss bullying prevention topics within schools. However, the entire community needs to support the anti-bullying effort. Logan Sykes, a junior at MCHS, spoke candidly about the existence of bullying. “It’s sad, but it’s true.” He was adamant that the student body can, and should, take a pro-active stance on anti-bullying even though teachers continue to have conversations with the student body. “Bullying prevention should be student-led,” he said. Gracey Suggs, a sophomore at MCHS, agrees. “Students normally follow other students,” said Gracey and continued to explain that students should set the example for each other. “Some students feel they’re not as worthy as other kids,” explained Gracey pointing to examples of different clothes, interests, or grades. Logan agreed, referencing situations that may occur in the lunchroom or classroom. When asked how students or parents could combat these feelings, Gracey encouraged them to remember, “You’re always worthy no matter what.” Both students felt that even small steps made a difference in the effort to end bullying in schools. “Go out of your way to help others,” said Gracey. “A simple smile.” Logan agreed, “Just smile. Be kind.”