Principals | Onsite team

October 22, 2020

OnsiteOctober is the month to express our sincere gratitude to two groups of servant leaders: Principals and the Onsite team.

“It’s not a job. We truly care. Education is the foundation for all of life’s successes.” October is National Principals Month and CMCSS is fortunate to have caring and compassionate leaders in our schools. These administrators work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards for our students and staff. The perception of a principal is often a mix of authority – who wants to be sent to the principal’s office? However, the role encompasses so many different needs. Thank you to our principals for serving as an emotional supporter, a tireless advocate of our educators, champion of our student successes, and partner of our stakeholders. Our principals have kept a positive momentum and encouraging spirit that is essential to thriving schools this year. Thank you, for being a true representation of servant leadership.

Healthcare heroes have never been more important than in 2020. The team at Onsite is committed to keeping Montgomery County employees physically and emotionally healthy. When you’re feeling at your worst, this team of dedicated healthcare professionals is at their best. Providing top-rated medical attention at the clinics, Onsite employees consistently provide holistic care for CMCSS staff. From routine medical treatments to nutrition education, wellness programs to mental health support, the staff at Onsite leads with compassion and service above self. Thank you for always going above and beyond when we need it most. Our lives truly depend on you.