School Nurses, Food Service, Cafeteria Monitors, Child Nutrition

June 22, 2021

Thank you to the many people who serve in our district nurses’ offices and cafeterias. You care for us, inside and out. The school cafeteria is a place where wholesome meals and friendly faces are a daily source of joy. This year, you have assumed an even larger role, providing meals throughout the summer to our community’s children. We appreciate the care and concern our Child Nutrition staff put into each day. You understand full well that hunger stands in the way of a child’s education. Thank you for making it your collective mission to care for our students.

Our school nurses have gone above and beyond this year. From bumps and bruises to battling a global pandemic, school nurses stepped up and provided unparalleled leadership and guidance. In a normal year, you are a source of comfort and encouragement to all our students. This past year, you have provided critical support to keep our schools operational. We are all grateful for your service and compassion. Thank you for leading with servants’ hearts.