Student Spotlight: One Kind Word

November 17, 2021

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. The district-wide initiative continues to encourage kindness through the “One Kind Word” campaign. Inside CMCSS schools, posters and stickers are shared with students to serve as visual reminders of the impact words have on the school day.

Through the generous support of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation, stickers have been purchased for the past few years for all students.

This year, the focus of the bullying prevention campaign, One Kind Word, is centered around a simple but powerful concept. What if we changed the words we used each day? Consider what an impact kind words have on your life. Students from across the District came together and shared the difference kind words make in their lives. The video is now available on the District Facebook page, @cmcssinfo, and the District YouTube page, @cmcssfocus.

Justice Jefferson, a student at Clarksville High School, shared how he views the effect of kindness, “One kind word is like putting a drop of ink into a jar of water. You’re putting that bit of kindness into who they are, and you can allow it to spread, to positively affect who they are.”

While the stickers, posters, and videos are positive reminders of the power of kindness, the actual impact comes from the work of our employees and students. If you have a story of positivity and kindness happening in your school community, share it with the Communications Department by emailing [email protected].