Reopening CMCSS Schools

This page is designed to keep parents, guardians, students, employees, and the entire Clarksville-Montgomery County community informed and engaged. As CMCSS plans for the reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year during the COVID-19 pandemic, this page will be updated frequently.  

Presentations, resources, and other information regarding reopening CMCSS schools are based on CDC, state and local guidance at the time of publication. CMCSS health and safety protocols are subject to change, and the district will continually update plans to reflect current guidance.

During Mr. House’s end-of-year message shared on May 21, 2020, he addressed the focus of reopening planning.

Continuum of Options

Due to the ever-changing circumstances and evolving research and guidance regarding COVID-19, the district will be prepared for a continuum of options for schooling: traditional (in-person) classes, remote instructional delivery, and hybrid approaches. These plans will ensure that the district is prepared to continue providing a high-quality education for all students no matter the circumstances.

The level of community spread and the district’s ability to adhere to laws, policies, and guidelines will guide the district’s decision-making relative to school reopening and any changes that could occur throughout the school year.

An essential consideration as CMCSS develops reopening plans is to provide parents/guardians and students with personal options. In addition to the three models of instructional delivery on the continuum, a virtual learning option will be available to all CMCSS families. Parents/guardians will have the option to enroll their K-12 child in a virtual school taught by CMCSS teachers provided at no cost to families.

More information on the Virtual Learning option will be available soon.

At the June 23, 2020 School Board Study Session, an update on the reopening plans was presented during the Director of School’s report. To view the slide presentation from the meeting, click here.

The Continuum of Options:


Traditional, in person classes for 100% of students with health, safety, and operational changes to reduce the spread of COVID-19.                                 


Modifications to the traditional 5-day school week to reduce class sizes, transportation, and building capacities by 50% to allow for better social distancing.      


A plan for the entire district or individual schools to have all students learning remotely if needed.                                                                              


CMCSS will be providing a K-12 virtual school option led by a CMCSS administrator and taught by CMCSS teachers at no cost to parents/guardians.

More information will be provided soon on modifications for Pre-K with the hybrid, remote or virtual learning models on the Continuum of Options.

More Information

CMCSS district leaders answer questions regarding the 2020-2021 school year. Anthony Johnson, Chief Communications Officer for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, joins this edition of “Focused on Reopening.” Johnson discussed the current plan to open schools this fall and addresses the following questions from parents and employees:

00:39 – What does the Continuum of Options mean?
02:52 – Explanation of K-12 Virtual School
04:07 – How to enroll in K-12 Virtual School
05:00 – The importance of parent and employee feedback
06:23 – Masks
09:17 – The focus on mental health
10:15 – Timeline for a final decision

Next Steps

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For an overview of the results of the parent/guardian survey sent on June 5, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

CMCSS is currently gathering feedback and answering questions from families, employees, and the community. 

This information will be updated regularly. View the video above, which answers several of the most asked questions.

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