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June 22, 2011

STEM is the integration of science, technology, engineering and math into the CMCSS curriculum.  It is not an initiative, but the next level in  learning and teaching.

The integration of science and math is the key to a complete understanding of both subjects and more importantly it is the key to the application of the content.

Student competitiveness in the global economy is the primary reason for moving toward a STEM way of teaching math and science.  It aligns well with rigor and relevance at all levels and should ultimately result in higher student achievement.  Students need to develop analytical skills and critical thinking skills to be successful in the workplace and higher education.  STEM integration is an engaging way to do this.

The expectation is increased student learning and motivation.  Early dataevaluation has been positive with fewer student discipline referrals, increased student interest, and higher achievement on selected assessment items.   Schools will need to provide collaborative planning opportunities for teachers to discuss and learn how to plan more effectively, integrate math and science content using the engineering design process to develop challenges, and develop student skills for purposeful student collaboration.

The Dow Corning Foundation and First To The Top funds purchased equipment and provided funds for staff development.