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If the Weather Turns Frightful

September 27, 2011

Please note: This article was originally published on 9/27/2011. Information and/or dates from past events may be not be relevant for the current school year.

Just as lovely fall weather begins to arrive in Clarksville, Montgomery County, the School System begins preparations for the possibility of inclement weather. After all, those from the area know that Middle Tennessee weather is extremely fickle and can change at the drop of a hat.

It is the School System’s goal to keep our students safe. Parents are advised to keep current information on their child’s emergency card. Thus, when schools are faced with threatening weather, the district’s telephone notification system is programmed to send a message to the number provided. Also, parents are advised to listen to radio and television reports, and they are encouraged to call the transportation information line at 358-2006 for up to date transportation information, or go to www.cmcss.net for school closing information.


Should severe weather strike during the school day, each school is notified through battery-operated radios, electronic mail, and telephone if those methods are not impacted by the existing weather system. In the event of a tornado watch, students are moved out of portable classrooms and into the building and all outdoor activities are cancelled. In the event a tornado threatens or hits a school building schools follow tornado drill procedures where teachers and administrators direct all students to “duck & cover” and remain in the safe area until the “all clear” is given.


Parents are discouraged from checking their children out of school during severe weather. Experts say a vehicle is one of the most dangerous places to be during a tornado. Buses are not loaded when any part of the County is under a tornado warning, and school bus loading may be delayed if there is a danger of threatening weather. School buses run “inclement weather routes” if the wind chill is less than 20 degrees, or the heat index is above 100 degrees, or if it is raining.  In the event that schools are closed early because of snow or threatening weather, administrators will follow the parents’ wishes as stated on their children’s emergency cards.


The number to call for information regarding bus substitutions and route status is 358-2006. For information on school zones or bus routes, call the Operations Department at 358-4089 or go to www.cmcss.net, and click on the Student/Parent link. For transportation or school safety concerns, call the Operations Department at 358-4099.