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Accreditation Recommended for CMCSS

April 5, 2012

Please note: This article was originally published on 4/5/2012. Information and/or dates from past events may be not be relevant for the current school year.

The team for the world’s largest educational accrediting organization announced that CMCSS ranks among schools systems in the top two to three percent globally.

Dr. Cheryl Allread, who chaired this system’s Quality Assurance Review Team for AdvancED, gave the oral exit report before about 150 CMCSS administrators, staff and members of the School Board Wednesday afternoon.

In four of the seven standards evaluated, CMCSS rated the highest possible marks, while the remaining three were ranked as operational – or on target. The team recommended full accreditation for the school system, but noted that the report must first be reviewed by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission, which should happen within the next 30 days.

Schools Director Mike Harris and Board Chairman George Giles both praised the hard work of teachers, staff and administrators. Board members Jimmie Garland, Carol Smithson and Vice Chair Horace Murphy, Jr. chimed in with their thanks to staff with Mr. Murphy adding, “Lord, it’s hard to be humble.”

Dr. Allread stressed how impressed her team was regarding CMCSS’s hard work and consistency in providing educational opportunities to all students; its commitment to improvement; its fidelity to the mission; its 100% graduation initiative; its School Board governance; its leadership; its professional development; and its stakeholder engagement. The only required action the QAR Team issued to the system is to implement a plan to better inform external stakeholders on the progress of the district and the budgetary needs to support the human, material and fiscal resources to achieve expectations for student learning, meet special needs and comply with applicable regulations.

CMCSS is required to address the required action within the next two years. To see the full report, click here: https://www.cmcss.net/newsletter/20120405/qarreport.pdf

To view the CMCSS Focus video regarding the Accreditation Review, please visit