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CMCSS Breach Update

August 2, 2012

Please note: This article was originally published on 8/2/2012. Information and/or dates from past events may be not be relevant for the current school year.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System discovered on June 11, 2012 that an unknown individual gained access to nine of its computer databases that contained the names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of certain current and former CMCSS employees, as well as the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and student identification numbers of certain current and former CMCSS students.  Beginning today, August 2, 2012, CMCSS is notifying each individual whose information was accessed during this intrusion and advising each individual of the elements of personal information exposed.  CMCSS is not aware of any misuse of the personal information accessed during this illegal intrusion at this time; however, CMCSS also is advising affected individuals of steps that can be taken to protect identity and credit from fraud and theft. Upon discovery of this criminal access, CMCSS retained privacy and data security legal counsel and forensic computer analysts to assist with its investigation of, and response to, this incident.  CMCSS also notified local law enforcement and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which is working in conjunction with the FBI to investigate this incident.    The criminal investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Through the notification process, CMCSS is providing affected individuals with contact information for a call center, which has been established to respond to questions regarding this incident. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process. Thank you.