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Rossview Middle, High Morning Traffic Changes

September 20, 2015

We are making improvements to morning traffic patterns at the Rossview Middle and High School complex. Students will receive maps of the newly designed traffic flow pattern today, or by accessing these links:


Student Map:    https://www.cmcss.net/news/rossviewtraffic/student.jpg


Parent Map:       https://www.cmcss.net/news/rossviewtraffic/parent.jpg


Dual Delivery (dropping off at Middle AND High School:



The new design goes into effect on Tuesday, September 8 at 6:45 a.m. and is designed to relieve traffic congestion. The main reason for this change is due to the construction at Exit 8, which creates hazardous conditions of traffic backing up on I-24.


After receiving feedback from law enforcement and stakeholders, we have tried to determine the safest flow for students, parents, staff and visitors.


For morning delivery, middle school parents and high school student drivers delivering middle school students should enter at Cardinal Lane. This does not change the drop off at the middle school. A left turn from Rossview Road is allowed into the high school entrance from eastbound Rossview Road for parent delivery of high school students only. For student drivers going to the high school, all eastbound Rossview Road and Dunbar Cave Road drivers should enter at Cardinal Lane and travel around the middle school to the student parking lot. Westbound student drivers should make a right turn in to the high school entrance and proceed to the parking lot.


Vehicles no longer will be able to drive between the middle and high schools to allow school buses to move safely between the two schools.


AGAIN, this plan only will impact morning delivery. Please look online or review the map your student received today for clarification.


This plan will greatly improve the traffic flow efficiency and safety of our students. We appreciate your patience as we work through this process.