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CMCSS Reopening Update July 13, 2020

July 13, 2020

Beginning Wednesday, July 15, the district will be sending to parents/guardians an electronic form (email/text) to make the choice between traditional or CMCSS K-12 Virtual. Families will have the ability to select different options for each of the children in their household. Parents choosing the traditional option will also be asked to confirm if their child(ren) will be riding CMCSS bus transportation. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages alternative modes of transportation for students who have other options.

In response to the questions received over the weekend about CMCSS K-12 Virtual, the district is compiling an FAQ and an overview document that will be shared tomorrow. On Wednesday, the district will share a comprehensive CMCSS K-12 Virtual Handbook. We encourage parents/guardians to continue providing feedback and asking questions here or by visiting cmcss.net/reopening.

The district understands how important it is for families to have all of the information they need to make these important decisions for the 2020-21 school year. We want to reinforce the following points:

  • CMCSS K-12 Virtual…
    • is a full-time, virtual learning environment
    • follows the same traditional CMCSS calendar
    • is staffed by CMCSS teachers who are certified by the Tennessee Department of Education
    • provides technology devices for enrolled students
    • provides internet service (hotspots) to enrolled students whose families are in need
    • will include case reviews to determine if the virtual option will need to be supported by additional methods to meet the individual student’s needs
    • offers core content (English-language arts, math, science, and social studies) in grades K-8
    • offers high school courses that closely mimic the offerings in the traditional setting
      • To the greatest extent possible, Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment courses will be offered to students wishing to enroll in CMCSS K-12 Virtual. Just like in a traditional high school, specific Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment course offerings will be based on student demand and qualified instructor availability for each course.
      • Because Academy students are clustered in a cohort model and required to complete interdisciplinary challenges based on CTE standards, it is not possible to offer Academy classes in the virtual setting. However, the district will make every effort to help students enrolled in CMCSS K-12 Virtual to earn industry certifications.
      • There will be very few Career Technical Education (CTE) course offerings through CMCSS K-12 Virtual due to the TN Department of Education’s three-course focused elective group graduation requirement and the hands-on nature of the majority of CTE courses. Those interested in the CMCSS K-12 Virtual option will need to work with a counselor to determine a focus elective group option that does not involve a CTE pathway.
    • requires a semester commitment but will be available the entire school year
      • If at any time a student is not successfully performing in the virtual setting, a meeting will be scheduled to determine the next steps for the student.
    • allows students to continue to participate at their enrolled school in athletics, before- or after-school activities, prom, graduation, picture days, etc.
      • Before- and after-school activities are school-based decisions and may vary during the pandemic.
      • The student’s enrolled school will continue to communicate with families throughout the year.

At any point during the academic year, which begins on August 31, CMCSS may need to have students in the traditional setting move to remote learning based on the circumstances of the pandemic. Students in CMCSS K-12 Virtual will not be affected by transitions on the Continuum of Learning (traditional to remote or remote to traditional). Families choosing traditional for their child(ren) should make preparations throughout the year in the event that school buildings are closed and remote learning must take place for all students.