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Academies Update for CMCSS K-12 Virtual

July 16, 2020

After reviewing feedback, questions, and concerns about students who are enrolled in the high school Academies of CMCSS and their options with CMCSS K-12 Virtual, the district has made modifications to its plan. If you feel that CMCSS K-12 Virtual is the best option for your child and family, please register for that option. The district will do everything it can to accommodate the course load for which a student had originally registered, to include CTE courses that are part of the Academy pathway. After all families across the district have made a choice between CMCSS K-12 Virtual or traditional, counselors will reach out to individual families regarding specific course requests and nontraditional options for which the district may be able enroll students in those courses with CMCSS K-12 Virtual.

After reviewing this update, if you have already selected the traditional option for your Academy student and would like to change your selection to CMCSS K-12 Virtual, please email [email protected].