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Meals for Enrolled CMCSS K-12 Virtual Students

August 27, 2020

Note:  The first curbside meal pick-up for virtual students will be on Tuesday, September 1st, from 1 pm to 2 pm. All criteria below apply.

Pick-up at student’s home school on Monday’s (or first day of the school week):

Virtual curbside meal pick-up will be on Monday (or the first day of the school week) between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.  Click here for a map of your child’s home school with an “X” indicating the location on the school campus where curbside pick-up will take place. Monday’s meals will include all breakfast and lunches for each scheduled school day of the week. Virtual meal pick-up occurring one day a week will help reduce the amount of time and travel required by virtual families to acquire meals.

Students do not have to be present for meal pick-up:

The pick-up person will need to provide the name of the student they are picking up for so virtual enrollment with CMCSS can be verified.

The cost of meals is based on the student’s eligibility and their status (free, reduced, full pay) does apply:

A free and reduced application can be filled out online at www.schoolcafe.com.  If an application is not submitted and approved, then the full price for each breakfast and lunch will be required.  Approved reduced and full-pay student’s accounts can be preloaded with the appropriate funds by going to www.schoolcafe.com.

Weekly preloaded funds needed to receive virtual meals:

Full-Pay =

  • Middle/High $20.00 ($2.85 per lunch / $1.15 per breakfast)
  • Elementary  $18.25 ($2.65 per lunch / $1.00 per breakfast)

Reduced =

  • Middle/High $3.50 ($ .40 per lunch / $ .30 per breakfast)
  • Elementary  $3.50 ($ .40 per lunch / $ .30 per breakfast)