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High School Rezoning Effective 2023-2024 School Year

October 26, 2022

Please note: This article was originally posted during a previous school year. Information and/or dates from past events
may be not be relevant for the current school year.

In February 2022, the CMCSS School Board approved a rezoning plan for middle and high schools. The new middle school boundaries were implemented this school year with the opening of Kirkwood Middle School. The new high school boundaries will be implemented in the 2023-2024 school year with the opening of Kirkwood High School.

After listening to feedback from parents and guardians last school year, the School Board approved a transition phase-in, or rezoning exception, plan for middle and high schools in February when they approved the new boundaries. In the spring of 2022, an electronic rezoning opt-out form was sent to families of students who were enrolled in 6th and 7th grades and who reside in homes affected by rezoning. Around 16% of students were opted-out of rezoning at the middle school level.

As CMCSS prepares to open Kirkwood High School and implement the new boundaries, all current students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades who reside at addresses affected by rezoning will have the option to attend either their currently assigned school or their newly assigned high school in 2023-2024 and for the remainder of their time in high school.

Due to the complexities of staffing, schedules, athletics, extra-curriculars, and other key planning areas, CMCSS will be asking families of students at schools affected by rezoning to make their decisions in October/November 2022 to provide planning time for students, families, and schools.

Please note that families who opt out students from rezoning must provide transportation or allow their students to transport themselves if they are able to drive. CMCSS transportation will not be provided for families who opt out of rezoning.

An electronic form will be sent by Friday, October 28, 2022, to the parents/guardians of all current students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades who reside at addresses affected by rezoning. Families will be asked to make their selection by November 18 to opt out and have their child(ren) remain at their currently enrolled high school OR to attend their newly-assigned high school.

See below for frequently asked questions about rezoning.

Rezoning FAQ 

How do I know if my high school will be affected by rezoning?

The direct communication and opt-out forms are only being sent to families who reside at addresses that are being rezoned. Please visit www.cmcss.net/zoning to view a PDF and interactive versions of the rezoning maps.

Will a rising 10th grader who opts out be able to attend their currently assigned school in 11th and 12th grades?

Yes, and the same for a rising 11th grader who will be able to finish their junior and senior years at their currently assigned school if they opt out of rezoning. Families of rising 10th and 11th graders will not need to fill out the opt-out form in future years. 

Will younger siblings who are not currently in grades 9 to 11 be able to opt out of rezoning when they reach high school?

No, only students currently in grades 9 to 11 are able to opt out of high school rezoning. Siblings who are not currently in high school will have to attend their newly zoned high school. This includes middle school students who were opted out of rezoning last year. As communicated last year, once middle school students who are opted out of middle school rezoning reach high school, they will be expected to attend their zoned high schools.

If my student is in one of the college and career academies, will they be affected by rezoning?

No, students in a CMCSS High School College and Career Academy will be able to remain at the Academy. If your student is currently in an Academy and rides a CMCSS bus, the Operations Department will be developing a transportation plan to expand the options that currently exist.

Will Kirkwood High School offer the same academic, athletics, fine arts, and extracurriculars as my child’s current school?

Kirkwood High School will be a traditional high school, offering a variety of opportunities for students like the other traditional high schools in CMCSS. Although all high schools offer the same basic academic opportunities, there are different career-technical education pathways, College and Career Academies, and other special courses. In September 2022, a survey was sent to families of students rezoned to Kirkwood High to get information on the academic, athletic, art, and extra-curricular opportunities desired, and this information will be used for programming and staffing. 

Click here for a Kirkwood High School specific FAQ with more information.

If I opt-out my child from rezoning, will transportation be provided?

No, CMCSS transportation will not be provided for families who opt-out of rezoning.

 If I opt-out my child but providing my own transportation becomes an issue or there are other challenges in the future, am I able to change our decision?

Yes. Ultimately, the purpose of rezoning was to relieve overcrowding at schools and boundary lines were redrawn to accomplish that goal. At the high school level, there are serious considerations like graduation credits and programs of study, so it is highly recommended that families consider any potential transportation challenges and other factors in the future before making the choice to opt out.