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A Hero’s Welcome at Barkers Mill Elementary

Student rescues siblings from a house fire, recognized by the fire department.

Administrative Appointments Announced in December

CMCSS has announced several administrative appointments in December 2021.


Pursuing a Dream and Finding Motivation Through Her Children

A Clarksville mother won’t allow the past to define her future.

Administrative Appointments Announced in November 2021

These administrative appointments have been announced in November 2021.

Language Immersion Unites Students and Educators

When learning a new language, everyone becomes a student.

Family Life Curriculum Feedback

With a recent update to state law, effective this school year, all school systems in Tennessee are required to provide a medically accurate, age-appropriate sex education. CMCSS is notifying parents/guardians of this new requirement and seeking feedback from parents/guardians on the selection of a Family Life Curriculum.

November 2021 Point of Pride

The following employees were recognized during the Point of Pride ceremony held at the Formal School Board Meeting on November 9, 2021:

Earn a College Degree or Teaching Certification at No-Cost

Earn a college degree or teaching certification at no cost through the CMCSS Teacher Residency Program.

Service Before Self: How Military Service Shapes Their Teaching

Many CMCSS employees are also military veterans, which brings a unique, necessary perspective to the school environment.

School Board Votes to End Mask Requirement

At the November 9, 2021, meeting, the CMCSS School Board voted to end the face mask requirement that began on September 20, 2021.